We are the majority.

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I've been thinking about what to write, or whether I should write anything at all, since last night when the results started to go downhill and hint toward the great disappointment many of us are now feeling. I could easily not go there - and not share anything here on the blog. In my other social media spaces (Instagram, Twitter, etc.), I have been extremely vocal about how I feel regarding this election and the news that Donald Trump was labeled the winner. Am I alienating people by being so vocal and outspoken? Honestly, at this point, I truly do not care. There is a significant percentage of individuals within this country who voted on the wrong side of history. Who voted for hate. Who voted for racism. For sexism. Who voted against the environment. Against peace. So I write this post, not for them, but for those who were on the right side of history. I write this post for those like myself, who voted for Hillary Clinton.

It is incredibly difficult to truly convey how I feel - at least in a way that is clear and makes sense. I feel so many things right now, that its all jumbled together. I am angry. I am hurt. I am disappointed. Disappointed in my fellow Americans who are so close-minded and full of hate that they chose trump.* Disappointed in those who were so stuck on one issue or another that they could not see the big picture, or the potential ramifications of what electing him would mean. Disappointed by those who were bitter and jaded over Bernie Sander's not being nominated, and then refusing to vote for Hillary because of that. I am worried. Worried for what this means for our environment. Our relationships with other countries. Worried for the women in this country. Worried for the Native Americans...Muslims...Jews....Blacks....Latinos.....Mexicans...Immigrants...Students...Gay....Transgendered....Disabled...Veterans....Children. These are not groups that trump or his cronies seem to care about, respect or value. If you are not a part of one of these groups, or more. Someone you know is. Think about that. Think about what this means for them.

I am frustrated. Frustrated because I have never really understood the purpose of the electoral college. If you'd like to explain in the comments what the purpose of its existence is, by all means - do so. Hillary Clinton WON. THE. POPULAR. VOTE. All the polls suggested that she was on the path to become our next president. Apparently, the polls were wrong. However, the popular vote tells us that she won. She earned more votes than trump. Yet, she was not chosen. I feel that this adds insult to injury. It is insulting. What is the point? How do we feel like our voices were heard after our votes literally, do. not. matter? I'm really struggling with this point in particular.

I am sad. When I went to vote yesterday afternoon, I found it to be an emotional moment when I sat down to cast my vote. I voted for a woman to become president. I thought about my grandmothers and what a moment like that would have meant to them. I thought about my grandfather who was very involved in politics. The importance of this action was not lost on me. To know that in the end, she won the popular vote - it really makes this more difficult.

I don't know where we are supposed to go from here. I don't really know what is next. I know its going to take time to figure it all out. Here is what I do know though:

It's okay to mourn this experience. Whatever your emotions right now, they're okay. You're not alone, we're not alone. As I write this, there are thousands of people shutting down fifth avenue in New York City (I wish I was with them). There are protests all over the country. I personally find it comforting. Its a nice way of knowing that you're not alone.

We need to come together. We need to work together. We need to support each other. We don't know what will come over the next four years, but what is certain is that we need to do our very best to support each other. To be a positive, inclusive and supportive community. A lot of what we have fought hard for will be challenged. We need to stand up for what we know is right. Stand up for what we believe in. Volunteer. Donate. Speak out. We can be stronger together. 

I encourage everyone to get active in some way. Whether that means donating to a cause that you care about (that may soon be threatened...), taking to the streets in protest, volunteering to help people with disabilities....or using social media to engage with a community of cohorts, it all is important and valuable. Together we can achieve far more than is possible on our own. We aren't alone in this experience. We are the majority.

I welcome constructive conversation in the comments. Anything negative (hateful, trolling, etc.) will be deleted. If you have resources to leave which you think may be helpful,  please do so. <3 

*You might notice that I often write his name in lower case. Don't think that isn't on purpose.

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