All I want for Christmas: A Gift Guide for Dogs.

I live in a house with three dogs. Three adorable, smart-assed Labrador retrievers. Last year I did a holiday gift guide and this year I tossed around the idea of doing the same. I decided though, to switch things up a bit this year. So without further blabbing, I introduce to you, a holiday gift guide for the dogs!

We've tried Bark Box a few times in the past and the dogs always love it. They know the boxes are for them. I don't know if its their lab noses, or if they just think all boxes that come are for them, but they get super excited when we get one. I will say that as someone who has three large dogs, sometimes the items inside the box are a fail, and barely make it the day before destruction, but we've also got some great gems from Bark Box as well. I think this would make a great gift for your own dogs, or someone on your list who has dogs. We're not subscribed right now, but if anyone want's to send a subscription our way, we'd be happy to retrieve it. ha. ha. ha. ;)

These Kong Sticks are a great idea. I won't lie and say that they're indestructible, because they're certainly not, but my dog Nessie absolutely loves these things. She especially loves them when they've been destroyed a bit and become ratty and gross. She goes nuts for them. Since they're not that expensive (I've seen them as low as $4 on Amazon before), I don't mind their shelf life. They do last her a couple of months though, since she loves them when they're ready for the trash. Hey, I'm not judging. I just try to make her happy.

Looking for a more durable toy? These animals from goDog are awesome. Our one lab absolutely loves them. She has had two dragons (named Lucy), a Dinosaur (Dino), and a chicken (nugget). Lucy was definitely her favorite...so much so, that I've bought a replacement because while she does love to destroy them, she also loves to sleep with them.

Tennis balls are an easy go to. Maybe not the greatest indoor toy (though we do toss them around...especially down the stairs for our more hyper lab to retrieve). I got lucky and picked up a couple of packs at a thrift store awhile back, but you can find them pretty cheap on Amazon. Sometimes a good ol' ball or stick makes the best toy.


If you're looking for a food related dog gift, I would highly recommend these tiny dog treats from Nutro. They come in a variety of flavors and they all smell AMAZING. These aren't gross treats that reek of weird meat concoctions. The berry treats smell like berry (and you can see berry in them). The banana smell like banana....the apple...well, you get the idea. I love having tiny treats like this on hand for working on commands, and also to be able to give them tiny rewards without giving them a ton of big biscuits.

One of our dogs really loves dressing up. She will give me her paws to help get her sweaters on. She has a variety of different styles...she literally owns more sweaters than I do. My dog Nessie, doesn't care for dressing up all that much, but she will tolerate it. A fleece sweater is a great gift idea for your furry friends. When its colder out, or precipitating, putting a sweater on the dogs keeps them cozy and dry. I like that this one comes in a variety of sizes and colors.


Keeping with the theme of accessories, a good martingale collar is something I would highly recommend. When I took my dog Nessie to an obedience class, the instructor required us to get martingale collars. I had never heard of them before that, and now that I have one, I swear by it. They give you more control over your dog and I feel like they seem to bother the dogs less. My only complaint is that I have never found them in a store, including the larger pet chains. I got mine on Amazon though and I love it!

Another great way to do, would be to donate to the Beagle Freedom Project. While there are many animal organizations out there that need our support. I find that the mission of the Beagle Freedom Project stands out to me because not only are they trying to help dogs in need, but they're trying to help dogs who are purposefully bread for animal testing and then torture and killed in the process. It's not a subject we really care to discuss, or even admit is happening, but it is happening. It happens here in the United States on college campuses. I admire the work of this organization and I strongly urge you to donate to their cause if you can, and of course...go cruelty free! Vote with your dollar!! They also have a great shop with some adorable products that are great for both the dogs and humans in your life this holiday!

I hope this gift guide helps you to have a wonderful holiday season with your furry loved ones!

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