Buffering (Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded) by Hannah Hart {REVIEW}

I'm going to be honest with you all: I am a huge fan of YouTube and have been subscribing and watching various channels for many years now. Despite my support of the media format and many of the people on it, I have been quite wary of the books that Youtuber's have come out with. There just seems to be a trend with Youtuber's releasing books at such a frequency that its almost like there is a factory somewhere that's only purpose is to produce books for people on YouTube. Don't get me wrong: there are some positives to this new trend. People are buying books more!! Hopefully, that means that people are also reading books more!! Yay! There is NOTHING wrong with this. I'm also not trying to judge the people who have come out with books over the past few years. Especially, if they wrote it themselves, in their own words. I've just been hesitant to buy these books instantly upon their release. For one, many of these are "guide" style books and that's not really my kind of read, and for another, it's my whole vision of a factory churning out books without much really going into them, if that makes any sense. Hopefully it does. I'm not trying to be offensive here, just apprehensive. 

With all that being said, I did end up picking up Hannah Hart's book, Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded. I didn't pre-order it. I didn't order it right upon its release. Instead I got it this month (December). I wasn't sure if I wanted to pick it up, because I wasn't sure what type of book it was, and whether or not I would like it, but I can say that I am very happy that I rolled the dice on this one because I really, really loved it. Not only was the book itself enjoyable but I can honestly say that I now have a much deeper appreciation for Hannah Hart and all that she has done over the past few years. Hell, I have an appreciation for all that she has accomplished in her life. I think it is no simple task to open up and share the type of stories which she shared in her book. While in a way, it might have felt cathartic to do so, it might have also been scary to let yourself become so vulnerable to your readers, and the world, and in such a permanent way.

In Buffering, Hannah explores pieces of her past, while also looking at her present. She gives her reader an awakening view of what her childhood and earlier years were like for her, which for many of her fans, might include some surprising details. I think it takes a degree of bravery to lay your life out there as she has done in Buffering. The stories of dealing with her mother and Schizophrenia, her relationship with her father, and religion, her journey in terms of sexuality, and simply her experiences with her school cohorts, is not only eye opening but also at many moments, hart grabbing (get it?? See what I did there??). Hannah also uses this book as a platform through which she is able to educate readers on mental health issues, of which she is a strong advocate. The personal stories are moving, but this message might be the most important.

Hannah shares her stories in a way that also addresses what she has taken from her many challenging life experiences. She uses these memories to teach something to her readers. I'm not really sure if that was as much of a goal or priority when she was writing this, so perhaps it is more of an unintended consequence. Buffering gives the reader some perspective and in a way, has the ability to encourage readers to challenge themselves to better themselves and their lives. Through sharing some truly heartbreaking and shocking memories, it is possible that Hart has been able to connect deeper with her readers.

When we watch our various YouTube favorites, we only see the life they want to share with us, and often, what we see is a very manipulated and glossed over version of reality. It is rare that people want to let others into the darker aspects of their life. However, speaking on a personal level, it is often the individuals who do speak a bit more honestly, who do share a bit more authentically, who I have a greater appreciation for, and whom I am more dedicated toward watching. My life isn't perfect, and I am able to connect more to those who acknowledge the same. Fantasy is nice, but we can't live there.

So Buffering gives an honest look into Hannah's life and how she has come to be where she is, and who she is. It certainly gives me a greater appreciation for her! I'm sure most of her loyal fans, have read her book by now, but if you haven't, I urge you to pick up a copy. If you're not familiar with Hannah, I still suggest you pick up this book. It would even make a great gift for someone! It's an uplifting, and eye opening read. It's also written really well (oh, and I appreciated the use of footnotes because you know, I'm a nerd), and the type of read which you aren't going to want to put down. What are you waiting for?? Read this book! If you have read Buffering, I welcome your thoughts and comments! I tried to keep my review spoiler free, but the comments are fair game. ;)

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