Five Last Minute Gift Ideas Under $5

Sometimes, you get through your entire Christmas shopping list, get all your presents sorted and wrapped and realize that you had a space cadet moment and completely blanked and left someone off your list. Or maybe you decided last minute that you wanted to pick up something for someone else you hadn't intended to buy for. It happens to me all the time. Sometimes I want to get someone a little something extra or buy for someone beyond who was on my nice list. Additional gifts, and especially last minute gifts can easily add up to some major $$, or you might find the last minute options underwhelming. There's no reason to stress or to break the bank though - you can find some great last minute gifts nearly anywhere - even the dollar store. I've put together a list of five last minute gift ideas that are not only easy to put together, but they're also under five bucks. Everything on this list is from the dollar store (Dollar Tree to be exact). In fact, no gift idea on this list is over three dollars. So it's frugal friendly!

For the reader: 

Believe it or not, sometimes you can find some great books at the dollar store! It might take some digging around, but it's definitely possible. I even found a clip on book light! Put them together and you've got a great gift idea for anyone you know who likes to read, and it was only $2!!

PS - I realize this might seem like a bizarre book choice, but for the intended recipient, it makes complete sense.  ;)

For the techie: 

I grabbed a pair of ear bud style headphones and a pack of screen wipes, and while this might seem like a weird gift....the truth is that our technology can get awfully grubby so the wipes are actually a great idea. The headphones might not be the best, but they're perfect for travel (or teenagers) - you lose them and it isn't the end of the world)!

For the beauty guru: 

If you know someone who is into beauty, these nail decals might make a fun gift. Nail decals don't last forever, but they can often cost a lot of $$. These were only $1 a pack! Throw in a nail clipper and file and you've got two manicures for a grand total of three bucks!!

For the foodie: 

You can't go wrong with a nice mug, some tea, and some biscuits! I've always loved shortbread cookies (especially ones that come in tins!) and I was surprised to find non-GMO tea at the dollar store! Chamomile is a great choice as it tends to have a calming effect, and who doesn't need that??

For the crafter:

If you know anyone who crafts, or has a love of stationary, then some organizational tools like these calendars might be the perfect gift. I love that the one is a coloring book style calendar! It's two gifts in one! The little note pad/calendar duo is also great, because I find these little pads always come in handy. I loved the little eastern bluebird on it as well. :)

*      *      *

Hopefully this quick lists helps you not only take care of those last minute gift needs, but also helps you to stay within your Christmas budget! What's great is that these gift ideas aren't seasonal specific really, and could work for any gift-giving occasion!

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