Merry Christmas?? Happy Holidays?? My thoughts.

During the holidays the same argument always seems to come up....whether you should say Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays.

Every year, there are people on both sides arguing their stance on the matter. Some say that it is a "war on Christmas" if we don't say Merry Christmas. Others think its more politically correct to say Happy Holidays. That way we aren't offending people who don't celebrate Christmas for whatever reason (they observe other religious holidays/follow a different faith, are atheists, agnostic, etc.).

I think about this every year and my thoughts on the matter have always been.....who cares!?!? The way I look at it is, if someone says Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays...or Happy Hanukkah....Happy Festivus....whatever....I welcome it. Someone is saying something nice to you. Why fight over the exact words they choose?? We live in a world that is rather tense right now, and there are plenty of things to get upset over, or passionate about, and I think we could also use to take a step back for a minute and realize that this just isn't the thing to get all up in arms about. So whatever you prefer to say, say it!

/endrant ;)

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