My Top Five Television Programs this Fall (2016)

I've said it before, and I will say it again (and again...and again...): I am a huge TV junkie. I used to feel ashamed about it, but now I just enjoy it (I generally encourage this type of behaviour). I even turned my love of television into my final thesis for undergrad. Yep, I'm a TV nerd. So I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on some of the current programming available, in a short and simple list, of my top five television shows this Fall. You know what they say, (don't) ask, and you will receive...

5. Scorpion - Scorpion is apparently a show you either love or hate, and I fall into the love category. In many regards, its incredibly cheesy. I'm aware. I enjoy the dynamic of the group, and that's generally what interests me more than any of the missions they carry out (which often make me feel anxious because tight spaces and danger. ahh!). This season has been a bit hopeful for me because there's been a lot of tension between Paige and Walter and yes, I totally ship them (#waige) and I hate the guy she's currently with and when I heard he was leaving, I was quite happy (sorry, not sorry).

4. NCIS: LA - So far this season has been full of plenty of mystery. Granger and Hettie are both shrouded in mystery. There is mystery between Deeks and Kensie, and Kensie has enough suspense on her own due to her injuries. Between the cases they take on and the personal conflicts the team faces, there is plenty of action to keep your attention. Or at least keep mine, anyway. When I first started watching NCIS: LA, I didn't really care for it too much, but honestly it's quickly grown on me and become a favorite. I blame the nerds. Nell & Beale forever.

3. Elementary - Elementary is one of my favorite shows, easily. When they moved it to Sunday nights I was okay with it because with The Good Wife gone, there was space on that night's schedule (unlike how they move around The Big Bang Theory, forcing me to miss most of each season....). Again, I love the dynamic between the characters, but beyond Joan and Sherlock's relationship, the cases they solve and the suspense are also incredibly intriguing. Sherlock's unique style for exploring, and solving cases is fascinating. The writers on Elementary are consistently impressing me and the show has yet to lose any of its allure. I've been a fan since the beginning, and likely will continue to be.

2. NCIS - NCIS is where it all started for the series and I can safely say that the original still has it. While I was seriously disappointed and upset when I heard DiNozzo was leaving, I've been pleasantly surprised by the new team members and what they've brought to the show. There are still enough senior characters to hold the show together through its transitions, which I think is key when characters come and go (*ahem* looking at you, Grey's Anatomy...). It gives the show continuity, and gives viewers someone familiar. I will cry if I ever have to say goodbye to Abby or Ducky in particular. I love the Ducky flashbacks!! (an I the only one who finds his younger self is reminiscent of Niles Crane from Frasier?? Just me? Okay....)

1. MOM - my top show this season so far, as been MOM. It's one of the few comedies I watch (at least with any sort of consistency...), and definitely one of the only TWO which still makes me laugh. Not only is MOM still as funny as it was when it started, but it also tackles real life issues like addiction, relationships, financial hardships, family conflict, etc. I appreciate shows that take real life and look at through a comedic lens and watching MOM has been a reliable comfort for me. I also have a special place in my heart for sitcoms, so that also gives MOM the number one spot on my list.

I'd love to know what you've been watching this fall, or what your thoughts on any of these shows are, so please feel free to share in the comments!

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