10 Cold Weather Essentials

Where I live, winter seems to last forever. The scale is not balanced between warmer and colder months, so being prepared for our time on the planet Hoth  in Western New York is essential. For those of you who might not be familiar with living in this kind of climate, I thought it might be helpful to put together a list of items I see as cold weather essentials. If you are native to a colder climate, there might be something on this list that you haven't thought of, so read on!

1. A winter jacket - this might seem like an obvious one right? Well, I'll be honest, despite it getting super freaking cold where I live (and the cold often comes with wind), I have been known to go out with just a fleece zip up many times. I don't like bulky layers, which often make me feel claustrophobic. But I also don't like being cold, so I finally gave in and got a real jacket. What I like about this one in particular, is that it's a 3-in-1 jacket, giving me many options (or three...) in terms of how many layers I want. Perfect for someone like me, and perfect for the weather where I live, which can change in a matter of minutes! 

2. Gloves - now, gloves is another area in which I struggle. I don't like gloves so big that make me feel like my hands are now useless appendages. I've had fancy North Face gloves that were tech savvy....and made me feel like I had immobile sausage fingers...so those didn't work for me, personally. Instead. I like the cheap little knit gloves like these from target. They're not waterproof, but they're cheap enough that you can buy a bunch and have an extra dry pair around. They let me use my hands, and are also tech savvy if you need that feature. I won't say they're suitable for all cold weather activities, but they work for most of what I need.

3. A good hat - I have always felt like I look really, really stupid in hats, but I often like the look of some of the knit hats out there (I've also always wanted to learn to knit one). I know they'd be a good thing to have, but I haven't yet given in. This hat from Tim Hortons though....it tempts me greatly. I'm a huge Timmy's lover (I just learned they have a credit card in Canada....if I ever moved there.... ) so this hat is perfect. For a more neutral look though, I like this one from Patagonia (shown above).

4. Boots - another confession: for many years, I strolled around in sneakers...and then, Uggs for a number of years. Last year I got a real pair of boots though. I was sick of my Uggs having no traction, and letting my feet get soaked. I originally got a pair of Sorels, because......they're practically the official boot of Canada, but the pair I had gotten was made so poorly and fit so uncomfortably, that I ended up swapping them (I'm sorry Sorel, I really wanted to like you!!) from this pair from The North Face. I will say that these don't always keep my feel toasty warm, but they do provide me traction, are tall enough to keep my legs dry and they're light so I feel like I can move in them. They nearly hit all the marks for me.

5. A good book - Sometimes winter essentials means things to pass the time while you're housebound during a real cold spell or a snow storm. Having a few good books on hand is a great way to pass the time. Check out some of my past book reviews for ideas if you need one!

6. A nice cozy sweater - whether staying in or going outside, a nice cozy sweater is another must. I'm a huge fan of hoodies, but sometimes a soft knit sweater is where its at. This one from Burton looks incredibly cozy and even has pockets. It's like a hoodie and a sweater had a baby!

7. Warm slippers - when you're inside, your feet can still get cold. A good pair of slippers is definitely a winter essential. I was gifted this pair of mocs from L.L. Bean for Christmas and so far I absolutely love them. They keep my feet nice and warm, and they have a hard sole so if I need to pop outside real quick (when there isn't a pile of snow at the door), they're good for that too. I have them in gray, which is of course back ordered now, but all the colors are great!

8. Hot Drinks - I'm a coffee and tea drinker year round, but in the winter, hot drinks just seem to taste better. They feel more sustaining. It's like refilling your health in a video game (too much?) - with immense heat, they bring great power. Being the Tim's junkie that I am, I've been loving the Tim Hortons K Cups (original roast always) and my go to tea is always Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime (I usually grab the one with echinacea added, but all of them are great!!). You can get k-cup versions of the tea, but I love my electric kettle for tea - I honestly use it more than our Keurig!

9. A windshield cover - Those who do not have a garage know that having to scrape off a windshield is never fun so a cover eliminates the task completely. The key part of this is to pay attention to the weather and remember to put it on your car! My mom actually grabbed a few of these last year from QVC and I know she loves hers!

10. A warm fleece - sometimes you just don't want a coat, but you want something warm and a fleece zip up is the perfect in between from hoodie to jacket. On the milder winter days, you can easily wear it out and about, and they're great for indoors as well. This fleece from Patagonia looks like it's sweater and blanket all rolled into one. Perfect for winter!

Many of these are obvious winter essentials, but I thought I'd share some of my favorites regardless. I hope this post helps you to make the most of those colder months that seem to slowly go by!

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