Oh Canada: The Quest for Real Chocolate

Buffalo, New York from Fort Erie, Canada

I've never been one for sugary candies. You can keep all the weird candies like ring pops and fun dip. Give me the chocolate. Creamy, delicious, chocolate. My favorite kind of chocolate is hands down, Cadbury. The first time I had a bar of Cadbury chocolate was a life changing experience. I'm not joking. As someone who has grown up with chocolate like Hershey's...to finally taste a chocolate bar that tasted...well,....good, was amazing! If I'm honest, I can say that I've never liked Hershey's. I use their cocoa for baking but that's pretty much where our relationship ends. I find their chocolate to taste quite...nasty. I don't know how to describe it, but it's almost as if it always tastes old, or like it's gone off.

What really sealed the deal in terms of my relationship with Hershey's is that they not only own the naming rights which allows them to produce Cadbury chocolate in the United States, but they have essentially banned real Cadbury chocolate from being sold here in the US. Cadbury produced by Hershey still tastes like shit chocolate. and banning chocolate?? It's 2017....we live in a global society. Give me the good chocolate, dammit! Banning chocolate seems like an insecure, self-centered business move to me. What are you afraid of Hershey??

Well, given that ordering chocolate from overseas can be quite the pricey venture (and don't think that I haven't - last year we had real Cadbury advent calendars and a whole tub of Cadbury treats to feast on savor), it dawned on me that given my geographic location, all hope was indeed not lost. Oh Canada: Thank you for being my neighbor! Since I live in Western New York, Canada is literally twenty minutes away on a good day. Ironically (and sadly), I can say that I hadn't gone to Canada in many years - despite a few planned (and then scrapped) trips up north. Years ago, Canada was our summer haven, to which we would travel frequently to enjoy the beach and real Ice Capps from Tim Horton's. Leave it to chocolate to finally be the motivating factor to get us back over the border again.

I have to admit that I've been meaning to write this post for a few months now. I first went on a chocolate mission in October. For some reason, that post kept getting placed on the back burner. Well on New Years day, we decided to take an impromptu trip back over, for both chocolate, and a couple other missions: Tim Horton's toques and mittens, and Nestle Iced Java, which rumor has it, is key in making an at home version of the wonderful Tim Horton's Ice Capp (Iced Cappuchino for those unfamiliar). Clearly chocolate and coffee rate highly in my life.

On our first trip over, we hit up Fort Erie - a pretty quite small town - but one in which Cadbury is easily found in the drug store, grocery store, and of course: Walmart.

Cadbury heaven.

On our first trip we checked out the Duty Free out of curiosity. It was too $$ but check out this adorable mini Nutella!

On our more recent trip we went to Fort Erie for our first mission: find Tim Hortons Holiday toques and mittens. I'm not sure if these were even sold in the states, but when we tried to find them, no one knew what we were talking about. Luckily for us, the sleepy little border town of Fort Erie helped us out. I mean, if you love Tim Hortons, or live in a cold weather climate - they're just perfect. Plus, since it was New Years Day, we were able to get them all 40% off. I love a good sale, just as much as I love a good mission. ;)

The friggin gloves have donuts and coffee. DONUTS AND COFFEE!!

After we achieved part of our mission, we headed on over to Niagara Falls to stock up on the goods. Cadbury chocolate (and of course the mysterious Iced Java we were in search of). This was my first time in Niagara Falls, Canada in a ridiculous amount of years. Given that it was New Years Day, there wasn't too much open so we had a glamorous meal at McDonalds - which, actually, was bizarrely delicious (maybe in part because I haven't had a McDonald's burger in years??). I even got Poutine because hey, it's Canada! Even at McDonald's, it was friggin' amazing.

Super classy car shot of my McDonald's poutine. I'm sure to most this is not authentic. But I can't lie: It was deee-licious!

We headed home through Niagara Falls and let me say, that while we didn't stop and enjoy the falls (it was packed and parking was $$), it was lovely to drive through and see in transit! We did stop over on the American side - which is honestly, such a depressing, and embarrassing contrast. We pulled into a parking lot on the American side but it was barely lit and if it weren't for the cop who was parked on the grass, we probably wouldn't have even gotten out of the car. We didn't linger long though. The pathways were too dark and it was just unwelcoming. There were lights out and broken fences along the path. On the Canadian side it felt festive and welcoming and then you come over to the US and it's just sad. What gives??!?


I hope it isn't another number of years before I head back over to properly enjoy and explore Niagara Falls. I'd love to do a little weekend trip there and just play the part of tourist. Niagara Falls might essentially be in my backyard, but ironically, I have only been to the Canadian side one or two times before. I can always plan another chocolate mission. ;)