The Sims 4: Vampires REVIEW

I've mentioned it plenty of times here on the blog, but for those of you unaware, I am a huge fan of The Sims. I enjoy the open ended game play, and the escapism that it provides me from reality. Sometimes I enjoy making realistic fantasy lives, and sometimes I embrace the weird. I've been known to spend hours making a house, only to abandon the family within it in mere minutes. It largely depends on my mood, but regardless of what goes down when I play, I'm a loyal fan of the Sims franchise and have been for many years. They recently released a new game pack that takes things to a new level of fantasy: vampires.

While my playing of the game more often than not lives on the more realistic side, I was open to trying out a new fantasy world with vampires. I like that they went for the more traditional, slightly goth, old-style interpretation of vampires, rather than the glitzy (or should I say glittery), Twilight style representation (and I can diss Twilight as I have read each and every one of those books). When I watched the trailer for the game, it was the house features that really got me excited! Radiators!! Spiderwebs! Holes in the walls!! Candelabras! New beds and kitchen counters (two features of the game I have frequently found underwhelming in their styles)!! So whether I decided to really dive into the world of the undead or not, I knew there were decor features that were worth getting the game for.

The game pack comes with a new town: Forgotten Hollow, which is foggy and mysterious and absolutely stunning in my opinion. I haven't explored game play with vampires in other towns yet, because I honestly haven't felt the desire too. I've been satisfied simply exploring Forgotten Hollow!

The house I built from above. Look at that beautifully foggy town! 

The decor has certainly gone beyond my expectations as well. Although, I think it would have been cool if they had expanded on the whole herbology idea - maybe more plants, decor and interactions for the average witch or wizard? ;)

I think they did a great job with the whole vampire story line and its honestly hard for me to think of many ways in which I would tweak or change things. I like that the vampires have to learn about themselves and that they have plenty of different ways to satisfy their needs within creating an endless buffet on humans (although, I can say that I've been enjoying that feature just as much). When they drink plasma, it sort of looks like they're drinking a Capri Sun which is pretty amusing. Oh and I will say that the woohoo in a coffin interaction was a lot more hilarious and animated than I honestly would have expected! I've only been playing the game for about a day now, so there is still plenty left for me to explore, and I like that. I like that there are still unknowns - it adds to the mystery.

Honestly, if you enjoy The Sims at all, I highly encourage you to get this pack if you haven't yet. It's worth it for decor alone, but exploring the world of vampires has been a lot more satisfying that I had thought it would be. I've really been enjoying the escapism from reality! For you simmers, this *should* bring you to the house I build which I uploaded to the gallery. Is it just me or could they stand to make the gallery more user friendly??

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