Unconventional & Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts

There really is no shortage of options when it comes to Valentine's day gifts. When I went grocery shopping over the weekend, it was like pink had exploded all over the store - there were chocolates and stuffed animals everywhere, balloons, roses, orchids...a chocolate covered strawberry bar....it was everywhere! Now, it's not that there's anything wrong with going the traditional route, but honestly, there's also nothing all that creative about it either. That got me thinking, and I decided to put together a list of easy, perhaps a bit unconventional and most importantly, last-minute friendly Valentine's day gifts.

A subscription to The New Yorker 


You can support print media and provide your loved one with a gift that informs and entertains, and will last the whole year! Their covers & comics alone are worth the subscription and the writing is always fantastic. Plus, with a gift like this you're also supporting some of the hard working journalists in this crazy political climate!

On a bit of a budget? You can get a six week subscription (The New Yorker is a weekly publication) for only $5!!

A gift card for an independent book store 

Have a reader to buy for? How about a gift card for an independent book store? It's always a great idea to try and support the smaller bookstores - especially in the age of Amazon (I have no hate for Amazon - trust me!). You can often find things you wouldn't elsewhere, and the staff at the smaller stores frequently curate lists that can help you find something you didn't even know you were looking for. If you've got a local small bookstore, then hit them up. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of Strand which is based in New York and ships worldwide. :) (PS - their gift section is pretty awesome!!)

A donation in their name 

Pick a cause that matters to your loved one and donate! It's not an expected gift, but it might surprise them in a good way! The ACLU is always a good choice!! 

Art for their walls

How about some printable art work from Etsy? Just purchase, print out and pop in a frame and boom! You've got an instant and unique gift! This one is a bit out there for most, but as a big nerd and an even bigger  Golden Girls fan, I love it!!

The flower alternative 


Flowers are an easy go-to gift, and I can't deny that they're often lovely. However, they just don't last forever. This gift though, will! It's a planter set of redwood trees that you can start indoors, and later transfer outside. The trees will last far longer than flowers and it's definitely a different gift than you might expect! Plus, it's great for the environment! If you hurry, you can get this shipped just in time for Valentine's day!

When it comes down to it, it's always the thought that counts, but these gifts are a little off the beaten path and sure to win you some points! :)

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