TV Style: Daphne Moon (Frasier)

I'm a weird one. I can admit that. I don't always fall for the current fashion trends, and I find myself drawn to older styles far more often than newer ones. I prefer simple over any ridiculous haute couture any day (although I will say that if anyone can rock a really out there style, it's Carrie Bradshaw). If there's one show that really nails it in terms of fashion (women's fashion anyway), for me it's Frasier. There's something about Daphne and Roz's style that just get it for me! It's absolutely 90's/early 2000s style without question, and I'm okay with that. It gives off comfy vibes which I am all about.

Like any style, what goes around comes back around (name that song...), and I've been seeing a lot of pieces lately that really give off that Daphne vibe in particular.

Old Navy seems to be really jumping on the floral bandwagon because they're offering dresses rather similar to this for Spring 17.

This jersey swing dress definitely gives off the Daphne vibes to me, and even though I'm not really a dress person, I'm interested in this one. 

There's also a few episodes where Daphne wears a cami dress over a white tshirt which sounds ridiculous perhaps, but appeals to me for some reason and is definitely coming back. I scoured the internet but damn if I could actually find an image of her wearing said outfit. If you find one, please share it in the comments! It's driving me crazy!! 

This dress nearly nails it - just layer over a white tshirt, add some black tights or leggings and maybe even ..... a scrunchi and BOOM, you're Daphne Moon! 

Perhaps its simply the nostalgia that appeals to me. Maybe I find comfort in these styles reemerging because they bring me back. Whatever it is, I'm down for it and I love that you can replicate these styles on a budget too - thanks to Old Navy. 

No, this post is not sponsored by Old Navy, if anything, it's sponsored by procrastination. ;)

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