Elizabeth Warren: This Fight Is Our Fight (REVIEW)


When I heard Elizabeth Warren had a new book coming out, I pre-ordered it right away. When it arrived, I rushed through the book I had been reading so I could get to it quicker and it definitely did not disappoint. I've been a fan of Senator Warren for many years now. I think she is genuine, wildly intelligent, compassionate, and without waver in her dedication to fighting for those who's voice is rarely, if ever, heard. I find her intensity and passion to be refreshing in the world of politics as a whole. I think there are many politicians out there who have grown cozy in their bubbles and who do not truly care for their constituents back home or the average American *cough cough* I'm looking at you, Chris Collins! *cough cough* This Fight is Our Fight blends together Warren's scholarly style with her humanistic compassion and understanding of what it looks like to be an average American in our society. The book provides statistical insight, with the real-life challenges of many Americans through anecdotal evidence.

This Fight is Our Fight takes the reader on a journey - chronicling much of our history since the Great Depression, and what it took to help build a strong middle class. It also explores the ways in which that strong middle class has been challenged, and effectively destroyed. Warren looks at how we built up our middle class and the efforts we made to ensure that all citizens had a fighting chance at the American Dream, some stability, and opportunity. She also details the many ways in which these supports have been weakened, or in some cases, eradicated entirely, in order to serve the richest Americans, large corporations and industry. Warren argues that these actions - primarily at the hands of republicans, have allowed for our middle class to weaken, and that now with trump as president, our middle class is threatened with extinction.

I think that Warren does an excellent job of highlighting the many ways in which corporations, the mega-rich, and industries as a whole have manipulated the government over the years in order to make it work for them, and not the average American. While much of the book was not surprising, and I was aware of bits already, it was still enraging. Her breakdown of how big business has been screwing workers over the years drives me mad. It certainly makes me rethink the types of business which I will patronize... which I think is exactly the type of reaction that readers should have. This book should make you think twice...even thrice.

In This Fight is Our Fight, Elizabeth Warren not only looks at the past, but also at the future. The book is a rally call - it is meant to energize and wake up those who care about the future of this country. It is required reading for anyone who wants to see America thrive. The book is truly an excellent read which balances facts with slices of humor, and glimpses into real American life. The only thing that I would have done differently, is that I would have included more anecdotes. I think that in order to truly understand the plight of the average citizen, we need to hear their stories. Warren does this, just not to the level that I would have really appreciated. It doesn't make the book any less important though!

Honestly, if you care about the future of this country, you need to read this book!

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