August Favorites

Hey howdy hey, it's already the end of August!?!? Today I started up with school again so it feels like summer is in its last moments. Technically, we have about another month, but yesterday I bought apple cider and today is the start of a new semester, so it's a comin'!

I haven't done a favorites post in a minute and I actually have a few things that I've discovered/obsessed over this past month, so I figured I'd share them. :) As always, they are in no particular order.

Seltzer. I'm a pretty boring person. I stopped drinking pop years ago and I rarely drink alcohol (I get crazy congested when I do, and it often makes my headaches worse so that kind of takes any fun out of it...). I basically only drink coffee/water/tea. For some reason, I had never tried seltzer waters because I apparently have been living under a rock. How have I not tried freakin' seltzer?!? Well, I have now and let me tell you, I am full on obsessed. I have been trying all the brands I can get my hands on and a bunch of different flavors and while I can't say I've got a favorite brand yet, I think my favorite flavor is lemon lime for sure. I'm so glad I've found something else I can actually drink because sometimes I really get sick of the coffee/water/tea routine.

The Sims 4. I've talked about this game on the blog before - I've even reviewed an expansion pack. Rest assured, my love is still strong for this game. I played quite a bit over the summer, and during my last week leading up to the new semester, I played quite a bit. My favorite bit is still building houses, but lately, I've been playing around a lot more with the actual sims. I've actually considered creating a series on the blog based on some of the experiments I do with my characters. Because of course, being a sociology nerd, I couldn't leave it at being merely a game. I have to pick it apart in some way. Whether or not I create said series, you can be fairly certain that this won't be the last you hear of The Sims 4. Pets are coming out in November (nope, not counting down anxiously at ALL....)!!

BBC Sherlock. Also over the break, my sister decided that while she was around, we should watch some of the BBC Sherlock series together. We started from the beginning, and while I still haven't finished, I am very much in love. I'm totally an anglophile, so the show wins me over quite easily, but it's such a good show regardless. With my usual shows gearing back up soon, I'm hoping I can still find time to continue the series. I realize how very behind I am! Trust me, it's typical.

Rituals Bed & Body Mist. I was so excited when I saw that Ulta was now carrying Rituals, which is a brand I have wanted to try since I first heard about it. Of course it wasn't so easy to get ahold of in the states and quite expensive if you did, so I've put it off for years. I randomally noticed the other day that Ulta is now carrying quite a few UK/European brands that I've been wanting to try so I placed an order and so far, this spray is my favorite thing. It's called The Ritual of Laughing Buddha Bed & Body spray and it's soooooooo wonderful. It's nice and light which means that so far, it hasn't triggered my migraines or caused me any issues (unfortunately I am pretty sensitive to scents). This particular scent is described as being sweet orange and cedar and it's just lovely. It's a very fresh scent - definitely not too strong. I love spritzing it on my bed, which ends up causing my whole bedroom to smell amazing. I've also used it as a quick spray before heading out the door, though I think it fades quicker this way. Either way, I really recommend this product - especially if you're like me and have a hard time finding anything scented that doesn't immediately cause headaches!

Aldi. I won't talk too much about this now because I plan to expand in a future blog post, but let me just say that I've become straight up obsessed with Aldi grocery stores. Being a born and bread WNY-er, I've been loyal to Wegmans for many, many years. However, lately I've been feeling like the quality hasn't been up to snuff, and I've been a bit underwhelmed. I'm not breaking up with them, but we're certainly seeing less of each other. Especially since Aldi is SO AMAZING! I'm able to nail nearly every item on my list and at less cost which are obvious wins. Another reason I love Aldi? Their stores are so much smaller. I find that grocery shopping is a love/hate situation for me. I'm a foodie so I love it, but the anxious me - the me who often struggles with some sort of headache or chronic pain, doesn't love the gigantic stores. The weekly grocery shop can easily deplete me of my energy. So I am immensely grateful that Aldi is such a smaller store. I still get nearly everything I need, but it's far less stressful. Ahhhhhh.

Thera Tears. This might seem like an odd item to share, but I'm doing so because it has honestly been a favorite of mine this month, and I know that it might be useful to someone else. As someone who blogs, writes, works from home online, and goes to school online, I spend a lot of time on my computer. I also like playing video games, and watching tv and .... screens, screens, screens! Unfortunately with that comes some inevitable eye strain. Sometimes eye strain is just that, but other times it seems to be a precursor to headaches or even a migraine. These eye drops are awesome because they instantly sooth my eyes when I start to feel strained. They don't always solve all my problems, but they often keep them at bay. I've linked them through Amazon so you'd know which type I'm talking about, but please shop around if you're looking for these - they're pretty expensive here!

Hope everyone had a wonderful August and is able to enjoy a bit more summer before it's gone!

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