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It's no secret that I'm a TV junkie, and for me, today is the day that my shows start back up again. I watched a lot of MSNBC in the off-time and as much as I love staying informed and watching my favorites, I'm looking forward to the escapism and the break from reality. Oh, how I need it!!

I thought I'd put together a quick post on the shows that I've got my eyes on tonight - both new and old. You can keep your eyes peeled for more television posts as the premiere weeks progress. Whether you like it or not. ;)

Monday Night Television - Season Premieres - CBS: 

Tonight all the shows I'm watching are on CBS. They seem to be the network that carries the most of what I watch, both new content and shows I've been watching for years. They're also the ones that have cancelled most of what I've watched over the past few years (Person of Interest, The Good Wife, MIKE & MOLLY, 2 Broke Girls, etc......), so I guess it's a complicated relationship!

 Source: CBS

The Big Bang Theory - So many people seem to hate TBBT. I don't. I have been watching it for years and I really enjoy it. It's nerdy, funny, light-hearted and just plain cozy to watch. Mayim is absolutely my favorite (if you're not watching her on YouTube, you really should be!).  Unfortunately I am a bit behind because every year CBS starts it off on Monday's (can watch), and then moves it to Thursday when Grey's Anatomy is on so I generally miss about half a season. Usually I catch up in the off-season, but this year I never got to it. I'll still be watching the season premiere tonight though! We've gotta see if Amy says yes to Sheldon!! Premiere: September 25th, @ 8pm EST. 

Young Sheldon - Okay so while I *am* a fan of The Big Bang Theory, I am so very very unsure about Young Sheldon. I honestly sort of hate the idea of it. I don't really want to focus on the backstory of Sheldon, I'd much rather move forward with the cast. But, since it's on right after TBBT, and I love Jim Parsons (disappointed that Laurie Metcalf isn't playing the mother) and want to support him, I will certainly watch the premiere. Perhaps there will be a review here later - let me know if you'd like me to do one. Premiere: September 25th, @ 8:30pm EST. 

 Source: CBS

Kevin Can Wait - Oh boy, what to say here. I watched the first season and I really like Kevin James (King of Queens is one of my favorite sitcoms). It was fun to see Leah Remini on as a guest star last season, but now she's coming on full time (again, King of Queens is one of my favorite sitcoms...), and they're KILLING OFF DONNA!! Kevin's wife Donna (played by Erinn Hayes), is being killed off and Leah Remini is taking over essentially. I'm so anxious to see how this plays out. The idea really makes me uneasy. I'm unsure if it will work but dammit I love these two together so I will certainly watch to see how it goes. The synopsis for tonight's premiere also says that Chale is about to be deported, which I totally, completely, 100% would not mind. #sorrynotsorry!  Premiere: September 25th, @ 9pm EST. 

Me, Myself and I - this is another show that I'm pretty unsure about. Bobby Moynihan stars in the show (why oh why did he leave SNL?!?! ), and the premise is that the show looks at his life from different stages. I'm a bit confused by it and honestly skeptical about its success. But hey, I'll give it a try! Premiere: September 25th, @ 9:30pm EST.

Source: TV Guide

Scorpion - Last but not least is Scorpion. I've been watching this show since it started and I'm excited to continue. It's nerdy, and its definitely a bit cheesy and that's sort of okay. It works somehow. Probably due to their great cast. I'd love to say I remembered how last season left off, but unfortunately at this point I'd need a refresher. Regardless of whether or not I have the memory of a fish, I will be watching the premiere tonight. Premiere: Septemeber 25th, @ 10pm EST. 

I want to know what you're watching tonight!! Tell me what shows are on your radar - new and old! :) 


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