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Well, here we are: it's Friday and the week in TV (at least for me) has come to an end. Since I don't watch anything new on Friday's I figure it's a perfect day to look back on the week of television and rehash what was good (and bad). PS - There are SPOILERS below!

It seems that there's a lot of changes this year - actors leaving shows (like Erinn Hayes on Kevin Can Wait - more on that in a minute), and actors coming back (Kim Raver reprising her role as Teddy on Grey's Anatomy). There's also whole shows that have made a comeback, like Will & Grace!

I feel like I started the week off with a reliable show - The Big Bang Theory - which brought the laughs and the comfort that I think is a key component of any good sitcom. I'm happy that Amy said yes to Sheldon and I honestly expected no less. Bernadette being pregnant again is a bit 'meh' for me personally, but I'm sure there are some fans who will enjoy it. I always feel like adding children to a show, when there aren't any before makes it different, but that's just me (and maybe Cristina Yang).

Now back to Kevin Can Wait. That premiere was just ....well, weird. I really like Kevin James but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be hanging around for this show. They spent about one minute, if that, discussing the death of Kevin's wife Donna. It was essentially like, "oh hey, yeah, she died....anyway...." I didn't have a strong attachment to Donna (played by actress Erinn Hayes), but I certainly didn't hate her. Considering she was his wife, I think she deserved more than a btw moment concerning her death. I realize that Kevin James and Leah Remini have chemistry, but come on  - of course they do!!! It's almost like they did a sitcom together for years or something. Honestly though, I felt like their chemistry on Kevin Can Wait is inauthentic and feels pushed and cheesy more than anything. The story line never seems to help this show and I think the only saving grace it has are from the comedy. Take the comedy away and this show flops like a fish out of water. They sort of did that with the death of Donna. Putting Kevin and Leah back together is cute in some ways, but it feels out of place in others. I kept feeling like something was missing (Arthur and Holly most notably). You've also got Gary Valentine (who played Doug's best friend on King of Queens) now playing Kevin's brother. It just feels like a really confusing remake/reunion. I'll give it another shot or two, but for me, Kevin Can Wait is holding on by a thread.

Next up was Young Sheldon, which I won't really get into here as I've already reviewed the premiere. You can read that here. I will likely watch again, so long as it doesn't conflict with anything when it comes back in November. I really, really loathe how much CBS moves their shows around....

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Another new show this week was Me, Myself, and I. I really liked Bobby Moynihan on SNL, but this show was just..... well, painful to watch. I didn't find it funny, I didn't find it cute or refreshing, or anything really. It just bored me. I don't think the actors have any chemistry together and it just fell totally and completely flat for me. I personally don't see this show lasting long, but I've definitely been wrong before. If you *did* like this show, I'd really love to know why so let me know in the comments because I just don't get it.

Scorpion was the big premiere of the night with its hour long slot. I've been watching Scorpion from the very beginning and the show performed as well as I expected. Their missions were typical , and followed a formula I've come to expect from the show. It's the personal relationships that offer more intrigue here. It will be interesting to see how they progress as the season goes on. I wouldn't mind if we never had to see that crazy psycho Collins ever again....but I know that's simply wishful thinking.

On Tuesday I only caught NCIS which was a good, classic episode. There was suspense from the kidnapping of Gibbs & McGee, and the relationships between the characters were enjoyable as usual. So far no word yet on the exit of Jennifer Esposito though I'm predicting how that will go down character wise, since her mother had Alzheimer's/Dementia.

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Wednesday brought one of my favorite shows - Law & Order SVU and oh boy was that intense. The case they dealt with was dramatic as per usual, but the real stress came from the story line they introduced with Benson. I was so happy to see Brian Cassidy (Dean Winters) at her door, until I realized exactly why he was. Benson just doesn't get a break, I swear. I realize that some might consider the show boring without any personal drama with the detectives but damn, Olivia really doesn't get to just be!!! You'd almost think this was a Shondaland show... ;)

I also caught American Housewife - which I had to watch on Thursday now that they put it on at the same time as SVU. The show was funny, cute and had all the right sitcom vibes for me. I just wish they'd move it to the 8pm hour so I could watch it live!!

Last but certainly not least: Thursday. I guess this was the big day for shows because I had the two-hour premiere of Grey's Anatomy, and the much anticipated premiere of Will & Grace. Let me premise this by saying that for a few seasons now, my interest in Grey's has waned. I haven't been happy with the story line, it's felt like a whole different show to me and I've often felt bored and/or annoyed while watching. Last night was much much better though. There were definite classic Grey's vibes to me. Bailey was being her bad-ass self, there were romantic trysts and drama from them, there was even the humor that I've come to associate with the show as well. I'm a bit disappointed in where they're going with Amelia, but we shall see how that all plays out. My first thought was great, - who will operate?!? Personally, I don't think her and Owen should have ever gotten married - I think the only one he has ever belonged with was Teddy. Yang was too good for him! Oh - and speaking of Yang, that little nod to her was nice - though it almost made me miss her more. Of all the characters, I'd LOVE to see Cristina and Addison return. I often find myself thinking, how would they respond to this, or that? I fully support Avery and Kepner breaking up - I have nothing invested in their relationship, but I also don't exactly enjoy where things are going with Jackson and Maggie. Come on - they're practically brother and sister!! Overall though, it was a pretty decent premiere and it made me hopeful for what might come this season. Hope is dangerous in Shondaland...

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and that leaves us with Will & Grace, which I just watched today since it conflicted with Grey's Anatomy last night. It felt really good to see Will & Grace again. It was like reuniting with an old friend. Even though I didn't see the entirety of the season when it first ran, I still enjoyed last nights premiere. I thought the episode was funny, albeit cheesy at many points, but overall, it made me laugh. I really enjoyed all the political digs - I just hope that the show evolves into more than simply political commentary. Trust me - I loathe this "presidency" as much as most people (yes, most. people.), but I also look to TV (MSNBC aside) as an escape from our reality. So while some jokes can be cathartic, too many can almost become exhausting. I will definitely be watching future episodes though and I am glad it's back.

So what did you watch? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts on this week in television in the comments below!

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