Young Sheldon {Review}

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Let me premise this review by saying that while I am a fan of The Big Bang Theory, I was honestly pretty skeptic about Young Sheldon, so I tried my best to go into the series premiere with an open mind.

The show opened with one of Sheldon Cooper's famous obsessions: trains. The house was fairly reminiscent of Sheldon's mothers house on The Big Bang Theory, but it feels bare and different. It's similar but if you've watched TBBT at all, it doesn't feel quite right (or at least it didn't for me). During watching the show I couldn't help but notice how well they did at making the show accurate for the time it was set in. It's like a trip into the past - vintage Pyrex, the fashion, the music, home decor, the product branding! A+!

In all honesty, the dinner scene was when I remembered that Sheldon has siblings. The cast feels more or less to be believable, though I am struggling a bit with the brother and father. At first I was bummed that Laurie Metcalf wasn't playing Sheldon's mother, but Zoe Perry fits the role just fine.

While the show is a fun blast from the past, and there were humorous moments, I also felt that it was a bit disjointed. I wonder if this is because it's the pilot episode and there's often some inevitable awkwardness involved. The narration from Jim Parsons is great because it helps to cement the connection between Sheldon now and Sheldon past, but I think it takes away from the potential flow of the show. I realize it's not the first time this style of narration was used in a sitcom (I'm looking at you How I Met Your Mother), but in this case I just feel like it's not fully working. Hopefully the show will flesh out as it progresses and lose some of that choppy feeling.

Overall the premiere was enjoyable. It wasn't perfect, and it had a cheesy vibe sometimes, but it was still cute and funny. Hopefully the hype doesn't overshadow the quality. I will say that I was surprised that after watching the pilot, they announced that it wouldn't be returning until November. I wish they'd just keep both on Mondays and not mess around with the flip-flop schedule (thanks football...).

If you watched, I'd LOVE to know your thoughts on Young Sheldon! Loved it? Hated it? Share in the comments!!

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