Easy Thirty Minute Bacon Ranch Potatoes

Potatoes. Boil em', mash em', stick em' in a stew... (points for understanding the reference!). I honestly really, really, love potatoes. I will eat them in pretty much, ALL their forms. I'm no stranger to roasting potatoes but I decided to try doing something a little bit different this time.

These potatoes are dressed with ranch seasoning, chives and (faux) bacon bits and come out of the oven super delicious - with just the right creamy, salty, smoky combo. I honestly made these because my stomach was feeling a bit wonky and I wanted something simple to eat. So I whipped up these babies, made some broccoli and had that for dinner. Weird to most but comforting and delicious to me.

They're not super complicated - and there's really nothing earth shattering about this recipe, but they're a nice and easy recipe that you could whip u as a side for dinner, or like me, eat on their own. No judgement here!

Easy 30 Minute Bacon Ranch Potatoes

About 6 Yukon Gold potatoes cut into small chunks
Vegetable oil to dress
1 packet Hidden Valley ranch dressing mix
1 tbs bac' uns (vegan bacon bits - we LOVE these!!)
1 tbs of dried chives

To Make:
-Preheat your oven to 425°
-Chop up your potatoes and place in a bowl with the rest of your ingredients. Mix until fully dressed.
-Place potatoes on a baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes (may need more or less depending on your oven, or desired crispiness!)

These come out super flavorful and crispy and are definitely comforting! It's an easy dish that you can usually have the ingredients on hand for too, which is always a plus in my book. I'm no professional chef, but you have to try these potatoes! Trust me! ;)

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