Lush Christmas Haul 2017

It's October. I know. But when I walked into Lush today, and saw that Christmas stuff was already on the shelves, I honestly couldn't help myself. I am a huge huge huge fall lover. I'm not looking to rush Christmas - in my mind, it's fall until Thanksgiving and then we can go full Christmas (that is not by any means an endorsement of Black Friday though - trust me). Anyways, when I saw the Christmas goodies I just had to pick them up because usually I end up missing out on some of the items I had my eye on so I figured there was no time like the present (ha, see what I did there??)

 Sleepy Body Lotion - $9.95
The first thing I'm going to talk about isn't actually a holiday item but it was one I had heard about from Amy Lynn Thompson and I'm a fan of anything relaxing that might help me get some zzz's at night, so I had to pick this up. I tried it on in store because I'm actually pretty picky about lotions and hate the kind that just make me feel sticky or greasy. This one didn't - I defintiely felt like it was there, but it wasn't too heavy or tacky. Since I bought it with the intention of keeping it on my bedside table, it's okay if it's a bit thicker. I grabbed the smaller size since this is my first try of this product but the smell alone is giving me high hopes! 

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb - $7.95
I saw this one online the other day and it was just so cute that I knew I wanted to try and grab one. I'm fairly certain that this is a new addition to the Christmas line-up, and it's just so adorable with the two deer! I'm really excited to give this one a go because the smell is just AMAZING! This one is a bit spicy with coriander, ginger and clove and I find that I'm often drawn to the more spicy scents so this is right up my street. It will probably be the first one I try so that I can go back and grab more if it's a winner.

Butterbear Bath Bomb - $4.95
I'm not sure if this is exactly the same as the Butterball bath bomb, or if there is a difference but either way, I had to pick one of these up. It's just so damn adorable!! I really like the Butterball bath bomb so whether it's the same or just similar, I'm sure this one will also win me over. Either way, it's just so cute!

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb - $7.75
Ooooh, ahhhh! I love celestial stuff so this bath bomb easily caught my eye. One sniff and it was in my basket. Reading the description now, I see that it has orange and bergamot which are scents that I have come to realize I often enjoy so it's no wonder. I don't typically go for anything with too much glitter since the glitter REALLY lingers, but hey, if the 90s are back, then I guess a little glitter is par for the course! ;) 

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar - $7.95
Staying with the celestial theme, I also grabbed one of these gorgeous bubble bars. I mean look at it!! It's absolutely stunning!! It's going to be a bit hard for me to use this one - the downside to all the really pretty Lush goodies. Apparently this bubble bar is meant to be used in the evening to wind down for a good sleep. It's made with jasmine and ylang ylang with the intention of bringing calm (something I always could use more of!) I suppose we're supposed to use this on Christmas Eve to calm down and conk out before Christmas morning!

Frozen Bath Bomb - $8.98
Now after looking online, I'm a bit confused because this bath bomb is listed as online only, but I definitely picked it up in store. The guy at the counter did ask if I wanted to grab more though since they're retiring them so maybe it's only going to be online in the future? I only got one though since I haven't tried this one before. Yes the name sort of got me, as a Disney fan, but it was more the smell. It just smells fresh and clean and cozy. The description says that it has neroli and rose oil which actually isn't what I expected from the way it smells to me. I'm curious to give it a go and see what it's really like in bath.

There's actually quite a big selection of items to pick from for the Christmas collection, so in comparison, I really got a small bit of goods. If you've got a favorite from the Christmas range that you'd suggest, please let me know! Like I've said before, I'm trying to make a better effort of self-care and baths are definitely a great way to do so!

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