Sunday Screen: Madam Secretary Premiere & NCIS: LA

I'm just going to jump right into it - Sunday shows this week were really great. There were only two on my radar (I tried giving Wisdom of the Crowd a shot and I just couldn't get into it - I do look forward to Elementary returning though!), but given that Sunday shows are generally hour length shows, it works for me. *SPOILERS AHEAD!*

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Sometimes I can't decide which NCIS version I like best. There are aspects of each that I enjoy and I generally resign myself to accepting that they're just different and shouldn't be compared to each other. That being said, there is just something special about the teamwork component on NCIS: LA. LA strips the agency of a lot of the bureaucratic formalities (sometimes with consequences) and I feel like their talents shine through more.

Last night was a great episode because we got to see how well they all work together as a team to solve the crime(s) they're tackling. On the season premiere we had to deal with the new boss who tried to throw Deeks back to PD, and infringe on the way they work together. It didn't produce and this week they're back to their creative ways.

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I really love Anna and Callen together and I think that she's right for him. She's tough and maybe has the ability to break down some of his walls. Hey, she got a TV & Xbox into his house so that's progress right? I feel nervous saying how much I like them together because I don't want to jinx their relationship. Here's hoping that Anna is around for awhile (to stay would be great...), and that we can watch their relationship bloom throughout the season. In terms of Bar Paly - I really like the character she plays in general. NCIS: LA has some strong men, but it's dominated by the ladies and she definitely fortifies that aspect of the show. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ (PS - Hey Google, could you maybe not list her simply as a ~model~? She's a pretty kick ass actress. Literally)

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This week's episode, Se Murio El Payaso, also had Sam going undercover. When he channeled his undercover persona, I was both surprised and pleased. He portrayed a high-functioning autistic man and I think he did it really well. I could tell immediately where he was going with the persona and it was nice to see him choose that type of character - for it's strengths. I'm glad the writers went there.

Of course, I suppose I have to address the absences that this episode possessed as well. Hetty is still apparently off in Vietnam chasing ghosts and her past. I wonder if this part of the story is merely personal, or if there is a connection to the team or the future of it. I certainly miss Hetty being in LA, and while I do like Nia Long coming on board, I would still rather see Hetty at the helm. Any thoughts on where things are going? Predictions??

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Madam Secretary - 

The Madam Secretary premiere was πŸ”₯πŸ”₯  in my opinion! I really, really, really, enjoyed it. We started out season 4 with Alison preparing for her freshman year of college, Elizabeth headed to UNGA, and Henry vouching for Dmitri and trying to work with him again. Of course, like every episode there are layers to what is going on and I think Madam Secretary does that really well. There is no shortage of action and chaos and the hour long show can really fly by.

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I'm actually not going to break apart the premiere too much - I think it was awesome and I highly suggest you watch it if you have not already. Even if you never watch this show - go watch this episode. I want to leave some suspense which is why I'm not going to rehash every little detail of last nights show. But I will say this: The portrayal and take down of fake news that they brought with last night's premiere was just perfection. I felt infuriated by all the fake news like it was real - perhaps because it feels far too real. But what was great, wasn't that they layered it in as a conflict, but how they dealt with it. Elizabeth really took on the fake news and some of her lines truly felt like an *ahem* to the nation. I honestly think that they were. It was Nadine's monologue at one point that really set the place on fire though. Bebe Neuwirth really stole the show last night and it was amazing. Like I said, I don't want to give too much away because I see last night's episode as a required viewing. Go. Watch. It!!

If you caught either of these shows last night, feel free to discuss them and share your thoughts in the comments!

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