Witchy Woman: Halloween Nails

I'm going to be honest. I haven't been doing my nails all that often lately. I often have every intention of sitting down and giving myself a manicure but unfortunately whenever I do, my hands cramp up and I just can't bare it. But it's fall - it's October - and dammit, I want to paint my nails and be festive! So today I said screw it and I just did my best and I'm glad that I did. Sometimes it's the the little victories...

I have an appreciation for dark nails no matter what season it is. I also find that as much as I like neutrals, I am drawn to sparkly things. This color from China Glaze is not only perfect for Fall/October, but it's also totally up my alley. It's from their Happily Never After collection, and although the color is sold out online at Ulta, you might be able to find it in-store or elsewhere.

The color, Life's Grimm is a black, almost bordering on grey, with micro glitter. The micro glitter is gold, but I also feel like it has some green in there as well. It went on really well and in two coats  looked great. I'm not wearing it with a top coat because honestly, that would have been more than my hands could have endured, but it's still nice and shiny (I'm sure the glitter helps)!

The glitter ended up depositing in such a way that it almost has a gray-to-black thing going on. I definitely don't hate it. :) 

I'm envious of everyone who has super cool, ornate Halloween inspired nails, but this polish definitely helps to satisfy my witchy woman needs!! I'm glad I forced myself to sit down and give myself a quick paint job, because it definitely made me feel a little better on a day where I wasn't feeling too great. As much as I understand the importance of self-care, sometimes I sort of suck at doing it for myself. It's something I really need to get better at doing.

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