2017 Christmas Gift Guide: 15 Gifts Under $25

It's that time of year again! It might still be November, but it's definitely holiday time and if you haven't started thinking about what you want to give those on your list for Christmas, it might be time to start! Like in years past, I've put together a series of gift guides to hopefully take some of the stress away and help you find some great gifts to give your loved ones. The guides are separated into two parts - with gifts under $25 and gifts under $50. None of these guides are sponsored, and I've genuinely chosen these gifts on my own accord. Happy gift giving!

1. Wet & Wild Luxe Brush Collection - $15 - Now I WISH that I had been sent this to include in this gift guide, because I think it's not only stunning, but a really great value. You're getting a great selection of cruelty free brushes that will not only get the job done, but look great doing so, all at an affordable price. I mean, there are plenty of companies out there where $15 wouldn't even get you one brush let alone 10! Jump on this if you have a beauty lover to gift to!

2. OGX Limited Edition Frosted Sugar Cookie Shampoo & Conditioner - $6.99 - I've been a fan of OGX shampoo & conditioner for awhile now - having used them on and off for a few years. When I saw their new limited edition scents I was honestly thinking I wouldn't like them because I don't typically go for sweet scents, but I really, really, really like this frosted sugar cookie scent!! If you've got someone on your list that is also a fan of Kandee Johnson, these might be a double win gift wise. You can get the duo easily under $25 - I'd check Target or Walmart as I picked mine up from Ulta and apparently paid a lot more!!

3. Belle Singing Sketchbook Ornament - $10 - I'm a huge Disney lover and Beauty and the Beast was always one of my favorites when I was younger. Ornaments can be a fun gift to give because you can make it a tradition, and it's something that will always make the recipient think of you when they decorate their tree every year. This Belle ornament is just adorable in my opinion - I love the detail of the water! It's also currently on sale, so if you like it, I'd jump on it!

4. Rubix Cube - $7 - If you think about it, isn't the Rubix Cube the original fidget toy? With all the craze over fidget spinners and fidget toys, keep it simple this year and go back to basics. It might seem like an odd, or even lame gift, but it can actually be helpful to have something that's simple, devoid of technology, and hand occupying - it's great for anxiety as well as attention disorders, and just think of the sense of accomplishment they'll have if they complete it! :)

5. Stash Tea Original Honey Sticks - $5.00 - These might seem like a bizarre gift, but they're perfect for any tea drinker on your list. These honey sticks come in original, lemon, and cinnamon and you could put them together with some tea and a cute mug for relatively cheap. They're great for the colder months when some warm tea and honey can be just what the body needs.

6. Bath & Body Works Hot Cocoa and Cream - $24.50 - If you shop at Bath & Body Works at all, then you likely know that seasonal scents can sometimes go fast. I'm really picky about candles, and scents in general, but oh my goodness, you need to get this candle. Get it for yourself. Get it for people on your list - just get it. Generally speaking, I don't find that food candles are always accurate, but this one literally smells like a nice cup of hot cocoa. They're on sale right now for half off, so stock up!!

7. ROLF game - $25.00 - When this game was announced, I supported it through KickStarer. It's a collaboration between Robert Burke and DFTBA games, and sounds like it will be a pretty fun group game. Since it hasn't been released just yet I haven't played, but the preview made it sound hilarious, yet simple and it would definitely make for a great Christmas gift!

8. The Night Before Christmas - $17.95 - I love Lush, but I really love Lush between Halloween and Christmas. That's when they release some of my favorite things. They have no shortage of amazing bath bombs and bubble bars this year, and you really can't go wrong with gifting one or two. But, this Night Before Christmas set is a gem you shouldn't overlook. It includes their sleepy lotion, which I've mentioned on the blog before and absolutely adore. It smells great and I swear its been really helping me sleep, which makes it priceless. This set also comes with a  bottle of their twilight body wash and if you pair the two together, I think it will make for a relaxing and slumber filled experience!

9. Bird bulb plant waterer - $7 - I have a lot of plants to water. I have a lot of plants that I forget to water. I mean well, but my brain doesn't always want to cooperate. I keep lists on top of lists, and I still forget things. So, these self-watering bulbs would literally save lives - plant lives. If you've got someone on your list to likes to garden, a couple of these would make a great gift!

10. Anna Faris - Unqualified - $17 - I recently picked up this book, and am in the midst of reading it, but if you've got a friend who enjoys reading, loves memoirs (my favorite), and is a fan of Anna Faris (#momaholics stand up!),  or any combo of the above, this book would make a great gift.

11. John Green - Turtles All The Way Down - $12 -  Staying with the topic of books for a minute, I couldn't put together a gift guide without including Turtles All The Way Down!!! I pre-ordered my copy in July, and was so excited to receive it last month - the hype over this book is real people. It's at the top of my TBR pile and I can't wait to dig in (Grad school put pleasure reading on hold for a bit).

12. Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Mist - $22 - I'm definitely into aromatherapy and essential oils and all that jazz, and lavender is one of my favorites because it does seem to actually calm me (ex. the sleepy lotion from Lush), so when I saw this mist that also has Chamomile (another herb I am obsessed over),  I immediately added it to my own wish list and I definitely think it'd be a perfect gift to consider for someone on your list. I love mists that can be used on both fabric and your body because that makes them super versatile. The combo of lavender and chamomile in this one is sure to calm anyone, and hopefully help you sleep as well!

13. Dorothy Biting Fist Pin - $11 - It's been said a million time before, but I'll go ahead and say it again - I'm a huge Golden Girls fan. I'm obsessive. I (generally) watch it every single evening (thanks to Hallmark's never ending Christmas movies I can't between October and January .... life feels weird), and I think the show is amazingly relevant despite the decades that have passed since it ended. While many women like to decide if they're a Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha or Carrie (Miranda), I often find myself wondering if I'm more Dorothy, Sophia, Rose, or Blanche (Dorothy for sure). While there's definitely a good deal of Golden Girls merch out there, it doesn't all deserve to come home with us. These pins from Mike Denison however, are perfection. I have this one, and it is one of my favorite pins easily. He's done an excellent job at capturing different moments of the show, and any Golden Girls fan is sure to enjoy any of his creations! Note: This particular pin is still only a pre-order, but is set to be released this month!

14. Numi Glass Tea Pot & Flowering Tea - $20 - Tea is a fun and easy gift if you've got someone on your list who loves tea. But this set from Numi is unique and perhaps something they haven't tried before. The set includes flowering tea, that blossoms in the water as it brews, and also comes with a glass tea pot so you can watch the magic before enjoying your tea. I love how this is something a bit different than your average tea, and that it turns tea time into a true experience!

15. Cadbury Heros tin - $12 - last but certainly not least, there is always the gift of chocolate! While there is plenty of sweet options in pretty much every shop you will encounter between now and Christmas, not much compares to some real Cadbury chocolate. I picked up a tub of these Cadbury hero's last year and I love how theres something for everyone inside. Of course, since this ships from overseas, you'll want to jump on it sooner rather than later! It's the perfect time to order though - because it's finally cool enough to ship safely!

I hope this list helps you to tick a few names off your gift list this year! Stay tuned for the rest of the 2017 Gift Guides arriving shortly!


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