Superior Donuts is the Sitcom We All Need {Review}

I wrote about Superior Donuts last year when it made its debut. I admitted that I had my apprehensions about the show when it began, but that I quickly became a fan. I can confidently say that season two is off to a great start and that I'm still just as much a fan.

Superior Donuts delivers a refreshing batch of classic sitcom humor laced with reality. There are plenty of moments for laughter, but there are also opportunities to address real-life issues that exist within our society. I just love this show! Maybe it's because I majored in Sociology in undergrad and I find it interesting to explore conflict and inequality within society. I love that this show utilizes their platform to talk about issues that sometimes can feel uncomfortable to talk about. Real life doesn't escape some of these conflicts, and Superior Donuts keeps it real by sprinkling them in. The humor makes difficult issues more approachable.

Season two of Superior Donuts is off to a great start. In tonight's episode they explored the issue of police violence, in particular in how it impacts the Black community (I don't want to give anything away for those who haven't seen tonight's episode yet, so I'm sorry for being vague). Somehow, despite such a heavy topic, I still found myself laughing - a lot. That's the beauty of this show. It doesn't feel like you're being cornered or confronted by heavy issues, and you're still able to find plenty of moments of levity and laughter. With such a stellar cast like Katey Sagal, David Koechner, Judd Hirsch, Man Jobrani and Jermaine Fowler - it's not surprising that Superior Donuts consistently nails the comedy factor. Sometimes sitcoms can fall flat, or the cheesiness can overtake the comedy. But so far, Superior Donuts has yet to disappoint.

With all the darkness that has been filling our reality lately, I have really been finding comfort in sitcoms. I like that Superior Donuts serves that comfort that I look for, but that they also challenge it. We NEED this show right now! If you're not watching yet, I highly encourage you to do so! Give it a try! You might just find it to be sweet. ;)

If you HAVE been watching, I welcome your thoughts in the comments! I'd love to know what others have thought of the show!

Superior Donuts airs on CBS, Monday nights at 9pm EST. 

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