Wet & Wild Luxe Brush Collection - Review

I'm not a makeup pro by any means, but I do enjoy playing around. I love trying out new products, and even when I'm not feeling well (often tbh), I enjoy putting on some makeup - I find that especially when I'm feeling like crud, doing so can cheer me up a bit and make me feel somewhat more human.

That being said, I really don't have many brushes. The fanciest brush I own is my MAC 217 that I've owned for years and years (and have used to death). Besides that, I probably own about six brushes total and I'd love to say that I clean than regularly, but let's be real... I don't. Unless you count wiping them on a tissue as cleaning. It's bad, I know.

So when I saw this set from Wet n Wild talked about on Social Media I was definitely intrigued. Especially knowing that it was only $15 on sale this week. I've been a fan of most Wet n Wild products that I've tried in the past so I was curious to give their brushes a try. At $15 for a set of 10 brushes, you definitely can't go wrong.

I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive because for such a low price, I wasn't sure these brushes would be any good. Upon first impression, they're super soft and fluffy, and I love the longer handles which allows you to get a good grip while using them. They sit comfortably in my hand, though I have to say I could do without the thumb print design which I don't find especially helpful. It doesn't really impede on my use either though, so it's not exactly a negative.

While I didn't test out every singe brush in the set, I did try out a good deal of them. I found that they hold unto product well, but not in such a way that keeps you from getting any product off of them. The brush that was closest to my MAC 217 worked really well for blending out shadows, and I loved the larger powder and blush brushes. They're soft and get the job done.

I tried out the eye brushes with a Milani palette I've been testing out first, and felt that maybe they weren't that great for applying shadow. But then it occurred to me that perhaps it was the palette and not the brushes (as I've been trying it out as well), so I tried out the brushes with my Pixi / It's Judy Time palette (which I LOVE) and they worked wonderfully! So it's definitely not the brushes and unfortunately, the Milani palette may just be a bust.

Since these brushes are white, they will definitely show how dirty they are fairly quickly. In terms of appearances I suppose you could say this is a negative, but I actually see this as a positive since I think it might motivate me to clean my brushes more often than never. ;) In terms of style, I think these brushes are honestly pretty gorgeous. Especially considering the set was only $15!

When you consider the fact that a MAC 217 is freakin' twenty-five dollars, and that you can get this whole set of brushes for $15 and have money to spare for lunch, or ... let's be honest - more makeup, they're an amazing value. But just because something is cheap doesn't automatically make it a winner. Thankfully, in the case of these brushes, they aren't just affordable, they're also a great set of functional brushes. What's more, this set, and everything from Wet n Wild is cruelty free so it's a friendly product for everyone, including vegans! Finding cruelty free products can sometimes be a challenge, but Wet n Wild is a wonderful drugstore option.

I included this set in my Under $25 gift guide, and I'm glad that I did because I think they're an exceptional value for the money, and they'd make a wonderful gift for anyone on your list who is a beauty aficionado, or simply starting out with makeup. I believe the set is a Walgreens exclusive and it is already sold out online, so be sure to check your local stores to see if its in stock, and grab it if it is!

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