Toyko Treat Subscription Box Decemeber 2017 - Review

Being a bit of a foodie, I'm always curious about trying foods from different countries. Although I'm fairly particular about what I will or will not eat, I will try (almost) anything once, so when I heard of Toyko Treat - a subscription box of Japanese snacks, I was immediately intrigued. I signed up to receive their December 2017 box, so today's post is going to be a review of the service in general as well as the stuff inside!

I got the box in early December but I waited until my sister Melissa was home for winter break so that she could try all the snacks with me. We went through all the different items in the December box and taste tested each one, writing down some thoughts/reactions as we did.


Forager Project Creamy Dairy-Free Cashewgurt - Review

I love food, but it doesn't exactly love me back. Over the years, our relationship has gotten even more tense and I've been trying to figure out what exactly I should, or should not eat. I swear it can vary from one day to the next and it honestly drives me a bit crazy!! It's hard to pin point what *exactly* is the issue, but one thing that I have done recently is to cut out dairy.

I find that despite my deep love for cheese, dairy does not agree with me. I haven't been able to handle regular dairy milk for years now, but until recently, I've done dairy products like cheese, butter, sour cream, etc. Over the past few months I've realized that dairy has really started to bug me and so now I'm trying to eliminate it to see if that helps at all. Unfortunately, I don't think its as simple as dairy being the culprit, I think there's more to it for me (I'm wondering now if Almond milk products are also an issue?!?!). But I do know that avoiding dairy has helped. 

So during my experiment of eliminating dairy, I've been trying some different things here and there. Finding cheese alternatives feels simply impossible (if you've got some good ones PLEASE let me know!), and a lot of the dairy components involved in the meals I make I've just been leaving out for my own portions. I have however, found one good snack so far that I loved so much, that I had to share with you!!


Scorpion - Who Let the Dog Out (S4E11) Episode Review - Spoilers!

Source: CBS

I feel like I haven't done a proper review of a TV show in a minute, and last night's Scorpion has stayed on my mind, so I figured I might as well share my thoughts and talk about it.

For those of you that might not be familiar, Scorpion is an hour long drama on CBS that follows a group of geniuses who set out to solve serious problems that are generally threatening life as we know it in some way. Totally casual - no worries. ;) The nerdy gang is balanced out by Paige who sort of acts as their handler and human to genius translator, and Cabe Gallo who works with the team and is a member of Homeland Security.


The Golden Girls: Four Topics That Prove Just How Progressive The Sitcom Was

It's no secret that I'm a fan of The Golden Girls. I've mentioned it a few times before. The show was even the inspiration for my Undergrad capstone. As I write this, I've got pins of the ladies looking down at me. I honestly don't think I'll ever grow tired of watching this show. Through the many times I've watched, and re-watched (and re-watched...) the 180 episodes of The Golden Girls, I've noticed little details that might generally have gone unnoticed, and I've come to appreciate just how ahead of its time this show really was.


Anna Faris - Unqualified - REVIEW


I really love learning about people. Whether it's individuals, or larger sections of society, I've always enjoyed learning about others - from the most fascinating differences among us, to the mundane details most would find boring. Ironically, I'm not all that comfortable around others, especially strangers (hello social anxiety, meet introversion), but I love learning about their lives. So when I come across a memoir, I'd definitely a sucker.


Vegan Apple Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - Recipe

I know, I know. It's December. So technically it's no longer apple season right? Well, when I recently stopped at Aldi I spotted the most insane - humongous Honeycrisp apples and I couldn't resist grabbing a few. I've been in the baking mood recently (I made a batch of Mayim's awesome pumpkin chocolate chip cookies the other day), and today I decided I wanted to incorporate the apples I had gotten into something sweet. I like oatmeal cookies because of the fiber they offer - something I'm always trying to get enough of (exciting, no?). But I also find them to be comforting - especially in the colder months. Although it's still technically fall, where I live, it feels more like we're in limbo right between Fall and Winter. We've had some warmer days, but overall, you can feel what's coming. I always like baking this time of year and these oatmeal cookies are just perfect - they'll satisfy your sweet tooth, but thanks to the oats, apples, and raisins, we could also pass them off as a health food. ;) 

Since I've been trying to avoid dairy, these cookies are dairy-free. Although I'm still eating eggs, I ended up just making substituting the egg and making them vegan as well. I'm not vegan, but I enjoy cooking and baking vegan recipes as much as possible and I love sharing them on the blog because I want to try and have something for everyone!


November 2017 Favorites

It's officially December and Christmas is weeks away. As much as I look forward to Christmas, I think I'm even more excited to say good riddance to this year. 2017 hasn't been my favorite. I know that a lot of people don't buy into the idea that a new year brings change, but I'm rooting for 2018 to do so... especially in Washington. This year has just truly drained me and I'm trying to look forward to any opportunity to create change and bring back a lil hope. Anyway, let's get on to the favorites shall we?


La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water - Water in a can? Yes. Magic hydrating, soothing misty water in a can? Also yes. I've had this stuff for awhile now and although I was skeptical at first, thinking it was just some fancy bougie water, I've fallen deeply in love with it. My skin used to be oily combo with the occasional hormonal breakout, but somewhere along the line, it changed to being dry, sensitive and I'd even say downright combative at times. It's been difficult finding my ideal skincare routine (hell, or makeup for that matter), and sometimes, I honestly don't have the energy to stick to a full blown routine. I keep this spray by my bed and it's just heaven sent. It's a super fine mist, and somehow, perhaps due to its metal can, it's always cooling. I find it to be hydrating and calming for my skin. Sometimes I use it in place of my routine for the days that I'm not feeling all that great. Other times, I use it in addition for some extra hydration. It's also great if my skin is irritated because it's gentle and soothing. I'm still fully aware that this is fancy $$ water in a can, but I'm a total fan now.