Forager Project Creamy Dairy-Free Cashewgurt - Review

I love food, but it doesn't exactly love me back. Over the years, our relationship has gotten even more tense and I've been trying to figure out what exactly I should, or should not eat. I swear it can vary from one day to the next and it honestly drives me a bit crazy!! It's hard to pin point what *exactly* is the issue, but one thing that I have done recently is to cut out dairy.

I find that despite my deep love for cheese, dairy does not agree with me. I haven't been able to handle regular dairy milk for years now, but until recently, I've done dairy products like cheese, butter, sour cream, etc. Over the past few months I've realized that dairy has really started to bug me and so now I'm trying to eliminate it to see if that helps at all. Unfortunately, I don't think its as simple as dairy being the culprit, I think there's more to it for me (I'm wondering now if Almond milk products are also an issue?!?!). But I do know that avoiding dairy has helped. 

So during my experiment of eliminating dairy, I've been trying some different things here and there. Finding cheese alternatives feels simply impossible (if you've got some good ones PLEASE let me know!), and a lot of the dairy components involved in the meals I make I've just been leaving out for my own portions. I have however, found one good snack so far that I loved so much, that I had to share with you!!

One of the things I went looking for in terms of dairy alternatives, was yogurt, because I was trying to find some sort of probiotic food I could eat. I know of almond based yogurts, and coconut, but just haven't liked what I've tried of them. When I came across this cashew based yogurt from Forager Project I got pretty excited and hopeful... and if I'm being completely honest, a little scared. Sometimes I get nervous about trying new things. I'm open to almost anything, but there's often a little anxiety present too.

The texture is A+!!!

Their dairy free yogurt is called Cashewgurt and it comes in a variety of flavors. I picked up their strawberry and wild blueberry flavors. I had the strawberry one first and was really impressed by the texture which is exactly like regular (non-Greek) yogurt in my opinion. The flavor was really good too, if only just a touch too sweet. I was pleasantly surprised by how yummy this yogurt was and ended up picking up some more strawberry over the weekend.

When I tried the blueberry one though, that's when I was actually more apprehensive. I've honestly never had a blueberry yogurt and I'm a bit odd when it comes to blueberries. I don't generally like anything flavored blueberry and prefer them fresh, or in pancakes, muffins or smoothies. I was worried the taste would be too overpowering in the yogurt but honestly, it was love at first bite. The wild blueberry cashewgurt reminds me of a blueberry muffin, but it's not overly sweet. I added a little maple quinoa granola to it and the maple really complimented the blueberry taste. It was really friggin delicious and now I'm actually sort of sad I didn't try it first so I would have known how good it was and picked up a few more (I'm really trying to avoid any grocery stores between now and Christmas).

Overall I was delightfully impressed by the Cashewgurt from Forager Project and I'll definitely be returning for more. I love that I now have a dairy-free yogurt that is perfect for breakfast or a snack, that will also give me a little probiotic love. If you're vegan or just can't do dairy, I really encourage you to find this yogurt and give it a try. It's the best dairy-free yogurt I've tried yet and honestly, I might actually like it better than regular yogurts. I just wish it was easier to find (and closer). :)

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