November 2017 Favorites

It's officially December and Christmas is weeks away. As much as I look forward to Christmas, I think I'm even more excited to say good riddance to this year. 2017 hasn't been my favorite. I know that a lot of people don't buy into the idea that a new year brings change, but I'm rooting for 2018 to do so... especially in Washington. This year has just truly drained me and I'm trying to look forward to any opportunity to create change and bring back a lil hope. Anyway, let's get on to the favorites shall we?


La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water - Water in a can? Yes. Magic hydrating, soothing misty water in a can? Also yes. I've had this stuff for awhile now and although I was skeptical at first, thinking it was just some fancy bougie water, I've fallen deeply in love with it. My skin used to be oily combo with the occasional hormonal breakout, but somewhere along the line, it changed to being dry, sensitive and I'd even say downright combative at times. It's been difficult finding my ideal skincare routine (hell, or makeup for that matter), and sometimes, I honestly don't have the energy to stick to a full blown routine. I keep this spray by my bed and it's just heaven sent. It's a super fine mist, and somehow, perhaps due to its metal can, it's always cooling. I find it to be hydrating and calming for my skin. Sometimes I use it in place of my routine for the days that I'm not feeling all that great. Other times, I use it in addition for some extra hydration. It's also great if my skin is irritated because it's gentle and soothing. I'm still fully aware that this is fancy $$ water in a can, but I'm a total fan now.

Starwest Botanicals Rose Flower Water - Sticking with facial sprays, I'm also obsessed with this one from Starwest Botanicals. This spray is simply rose and water and it not only smells amazing, but it's also incredibly calming for irritated skin. I find that it's also sort of cooling when you spray it and the mist is fairly fine (although not as fine as the La Roche-Posay if I'm honest). It's also super affordable at less than $6.00! I use this after going out somewhere as my face gets irritated by sun, wind, basically everything outside. I also like this in the mornings and at night and since I keep it in the bathroom, I use it fairly frequently just as an added hydration bonus.

Physicians Formula Butter Blusher -  I picked this up after hearing Amy talk about. I was interested because it was 1) drugstore, 2) she's fairly pale, so I was hopeful that it would also work for my skin tone. I like blusher but sometimes it's hard to find one that works well with my skin tone. I don't want the blush to be the only thing you can notice or think about. I prefer more subtle shades and this butter blusher fits the bill. I grabbed it in the shade plum rose and it's almost the perfect shade. It's very subtle and I LOVE the coconut smell. I find that I'm actually using blush more often because I just love this one so much.

L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise - Right now this is my favorite mascara. I picked it up on a whim and I just love what it does to my lashes. It gives me volume, without being too much or too spidery (I like a middle ground with my mascaras). The color is right and the formula lasts fairly well throughout the day. I will say though, that it does shed a bit and is difficult to get off. I also have been frustrated by just how goopy my tube is. I always have to clean off my brush before applying and when I twist the tube shut, mascara comes out where the two parts meet. I'm not sure if I got a bad tube, or if this is an issue others have had with this particular mascara? Either way, it's still a favorite right now, but it's NOT holy grail. I'm still on the hunt for that!


Nature's Way Chamomile supplements - I started taking this chamomile supplement about a year or so ago as a method of helping to manage my anxiety. I can say that it has absolutely helped with that and for that, I'm so grateful. Maybe one day I will post a whole story about my journey with anxiety, but for now I'll just say that I'm actually glad that I ended up taking matters into my own hands to find a solution. So I guess, thank you to the doctors who wouldn't listen? Anyway.. this stuff is fantastic for helping with my anxiety, but lately I've also been loving it for its digestive benefits. Not only does it work well at calming me down, but it also is amazing at calming my stomach down. I've been struggling with a lot of different stomach issues and I've been slowly trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat  (or rather, should and should not) and this has been such a savior when I'm not feeling well. I don't take it as directed on the bottle (which is 2 capsules, 3x a day) and instead just take it as needed and I find that it's incredibly helpful. It's also been helpful for nights where my insomnia gets the best of me. It's not like a super strong sleeping pill or anything (which I would not go for), but just seems to help calm me enough that I'm generally able to fall asleep. Since it's all natural it's definitely a great option if you struggle with any of the issues I mentioned. Just remember I'm not a doctor and this is just my own personal experience. :)


Sims 4: Cats and Dogs - it wouldn't be right if I did a favorites post this month and didn't mention the Sims 4: Cats and Dogs. I have to. This game is without question, my favorite of the Sims 4 expansions to date. I'm absolutely obsessed with it. The architectural features, the new town, the dogs and cats and all of their quirks and charms. I just adore it.  My sister and I wrote a review/first impressions earlier in November when the game was first released and since then, my love for the game has only grown stronger. If you play The Sims, or enjoy video games at all, you need to play around with this game. It's just amazing!!

Hallmark Christmas Movies - Alright, so generally speaking, as much as I love the holiday season, I hate that Hallmark puts their Christmas movies on 24/7. I don't have anything against them playing Christmas movies, but it drives me mad that they take away my beloved Golden Girls, Frasier, The Middle, and I Love Lucy in order to play Christmas movies 24/7. I love my old sitcoms. They're comforting to me and in this crazy ass world, I need ALL the comforting I can get. Also, if you struggle with sleeping as much as I do, those middle of the night (or early morning depending on your perspective) sitcoms are such a godsend. However, with that being said, I've actually come to enjoy the Hallmark Christmas movies. Don't get me wrong - if they brought back my sitcoms tomorrow, I'd be the happiest human. I'm looking forward to their return in January with great anticipation (and a little worry that something I love is going to be replaced??! They're bringing on Full House to the line-up and I don't know what time slot it's going in. If anyone knows, please easy my anxious mind!!!).  But I've definitely come to enjoy some of the Christmas movies they've been playing. They're super cheesy, generally follow the same formula and I can typically predict what will happen, but they're also comforting for that reason. Nothing horrible really happens and it's a wonderful escape from reality. Some of my favorites have been The Nine Lives of Christmas, and A Heavenly Christmas. Judge all ye want. ;)


Friends - Last by NOT least - I've started watching Friends from the very beginning. I know, I'm hella behind the times. It's not that I've never seen an episode or anything. I've seen plenty. I generally know what's going on when I catch an episode, but I've never watched the series in its entirety, and I've never watched it chronologically. So I've decided to do that (especially since my usually late-night sitcoms have been taken away), and it's been so much fun. I forgot how much I love Friends and it's been great watching them from the very beginning. I love the city vibes and how wonderfully 90s it is. A little annoying that Netflix doesn't have the entire series though (why do they do that?!?). I struggle at doing anything enjoyable without some sort of goal or objective, so of course, I'm hoping to complete the series on my semester break. #neurotic Oh and if you've got a sitcom you think I should watch (old or new), always feel free to let me know. I just can't get enough.

Alrighty, that's it for this month. I'd love to hear what you've been into in November. I can't decide if I'm going to do a December favorites or if I should do some sort of yearly favorites deal, so feel free to let me know what you'd rather in the comments! 

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