Scorpion - Who Let the Dog Out (S4E11) Episode Review - Spoilers!

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I feel like I haven't done a proper review of a TV show in a minute, and last night's Scorpion has stayed on my mind, so I figured I might as well share my thoughts and talk about it.

For those of you that might not be familiar, Scorpion is an hour long drama on CBS that follows a group of geniuses who set out to solve serious problems that are generally threatening life as we know it in some way. Totally casual - no worries. ;) The nerdy gang is balanced out by Paige who sort of acts as their handler and human to genius translator, and Cabe Gallo who works with the team and is a member of Homeland Security.

Last night's episode, Who Let the Dog out ('Cause Now its Stuck in a Cistern) - S4E11, brought all the tension of the season thus far, to a boil as Cabe headed to court for his charge of letting prisoner Mark Collins free on an expedition the team went on. Despite being innocent, Cabe and the team are incredibly anxious as Collins has set Gallo up by setting up a bank account to look like he was paid off for letting him free. While Cabe and Sylvester, who is acting as his lawyer, deal with the case, the team is trying to manage their anxiety (and poorly so).

While the team is trying to find a way to listen in on the trial, they happen across news that a dog is trapped in a cistern - piquing their interest and giving them a much needed distraction from what's going on with Cabe. The team sets off to try and rescue the dog, despite the fact that they're supposed to be meeting with their new Homeland handler, who could decide to cease their relationship with the government, essentially putting them out of business. Of course. No pressure there right? One of the things that Scorpion does consistently, is up the stakes in terms of any pressure or tension. If you've been watching for any period of time, you'll likely have come to expect this and it won't really surprise you. At least it doesn't surprise me.

One of the things that I enjoyed about this episode is that the team, despite their intellect which often acts as an emotional road block, is showing quite a significant amount of human emotion in response to not knowing Cabe's fate. As per usual, their behavior ends up impacting their work, and Paige has to go on a bit of a rant (again, typical), but in reality this time, their response to the worry of their friend being locked up when innocent is quite natural. Walter is stress eating, and Happy is blaming herself, which are certainly normative behaviors under high stress. For a team that generally knows exactly what is going to happen and when, and how to deal with it, this vulnerability brings out a much more humanistic side of them.

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Their rescue of the dog follows a pretty much typical routine for the team and the show at this point. The variables change with each episode, but the formula generally stays the same. They only have x amount of time (which always lasts far longer), and things never go smoothly. There's always added chaos and conflict. While I was of course happy that they rescued the dog, this element of the show is sort of background to what's happening with Cabe and his case, which has a greater potential to throw off the team and change the dynamic. I will say however, that the addition of their chemist neighbor Florence, played by Tina Majorino is much welcomed. I was apprehensive at first, unsure whether she could be trusted, or how this would work, but now I think she makes a wonderful addition to the team, whether she is officially on it or not (oh, and I like her SO much more on Scorpion than I did as Heather Brooks on Grey's Anatomy - no offense meant). She's smart, and sassy and doesn't put up with Walter's ego, which I like.

In true #TeamScorpion form, it occurs to Sylvester that there's a way to exonerate Cabe through some old maritime law from the 1800s (of course). Florence and Toby set out to get the law book that Sylvester needs, breaking a few laws in the process. Thankfully, the law does help Cabe, who I definitely didn't want to see head to jail - especially as he was set up by Collins who I wholeheartedly dislike, but this element of the episode, despite being suspenseful, feels typical of the show. It feels like the show sometimes sticks too closely to the idea that if it seems improbable, it will happen. It limits just how surprising something can be when, with any consistent viewing of the show, you easily expect it.

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The relationships of the characters have always been my favorite element of the show, with the actual cases becoming almost background noise to me. It's not that they're not interesting (that varies from week to week for me), but I'm more interested in the romantic relationships, and how the geniuses learn to grow in terms of their behavior, social interactions, and acting more "normal". I think that's the more interesting aspect of the show. The cases are generally a way for them to make mistakes and learn from them in terms of their social skills.

Overall, I think last night was a good episode because there was a decent balance between the personal story line of the characters, and the actual case they were dealing with. There was also some suspense from not knowing what would be the outcome of Cabe's case. I had a general feeling, but I was still apprehensive. I'm hoping that the team is able to bounce back now that the case is done with and behind them, as the pending trial had quite an impact on them financially and emotionally. Perhaps we can now focus a bit more attention toward the prospect of a Quintus baby??

Scorpion is on Monday night's at 10pm ET on CBS.

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