Toyko Treat Subscription Box Decemeber 2017 - Review

Being a bit of a foodie, I'm always curious about trying foods from different countries. Although I'm fairly particular about what I will or will not eat, I will try (almost) anything once, so when I heard of Toyko Treat - a subscription box of Japanese snacks, I was immediately intrigued. I signed up to receive their December 2017 box, so today's post is going to be a review of the service in general as well as the stuff inside!

I got the box in early December but I waited until my sister Melissa was home for winter break so that she could try all the snacks with me. We went through all the different items in the December box and taste tested each one, writing down some thoughts/reactions as we did.

First up are these Koikeya Savory Salt Potato Chips, which I actually ended up busting open one night when I was up late watching TV (this is literally most nights - me and insomnia are close). At first I felt like they had a vaguely smoky flavor, though to be honest, I also felt that they smelled sort of musty. One huge negative that I'd share about the box is that they don't provide an info card to explain what all the items are. I had to search their website to find info and even that is incredibly minimal. I did a lot of googling to figure out what the heck I was eating. These potato chips were easily the most straightforward product in the bunch. I'd like to say that they were good but after eating a few, they went straight into the trash. I went from hesitantly optimistic to grossed out fairly quickly. 

The rest of the box I sampled with my sister. The first thing we dove into were these
Grape Chocobi. Again, ToykoTreat gives no explanation of what they are, so I googled a lot. The internet kept saying chocolate was involved but I'm not sure why because there's definitely no chocolate involved in these, which honestly, I'm grateful for. I typically hate all grape flavored things and I can't imagine grape being combined with chocolate. Yick. Melissa thought they tasted like grape Kix cereal, which I think is incredibly accurate. I'd say she's right. My main reaction to these was that they smelled like a grape Mr. Sketch marker. They weren't the worst thing in the bunch - which is actually surprising since I'm not much of a fan of anything grape. 

 Koikeya Scone Japanese BBQ - I was kinda scared of these, but honestly they weren't that bad. They're basically meat flavored Cheetos. I couldn't eat a whole bag though. They're very strong in their meaty flavor and it sort of freaked me out. Sister on the other hand, was into them and would definitely finish off the bag. "They taste like BBQ rotisserie chicken. Yum." - Melissa.

We decided that this Sour Cider Paper Candy is what happens when you mix champagne and soap together. The prospect of this intrigued us, but in reality it was pretty gross. I'm more into savory snacks anyways, but it wasn't the sugary aspect that put me off on this. It was the soapy aftertaste. 

These Mini Strawberry Flavored Corn Crisps were interesting. Right from the first bite I was trying to figure out what the hell these reminded me of, and then finally it hit me: they taste like strawberry coated communion wafers! Melissa said that they were a cross between a rice cake and cereal in texture and that they bizarrely melt in your mouth. She didn't hate them, but I wasn't much of a fan. 

I let Melissa have the Pokémon Gummy and Moonlight Series Card, which she found to be really hard for a gummy and couldn't figure out the flavor. I just knew it would be something me and my sensitive teeth should avoid. 

I was kind of scared of these Dondonyaki Kimchi Rice Cakes, but in reality, they ended up being one of my favorite items in the box. We both felt like they were sort of like croutons in terms of their taste - perhaps just more vinegary. They were also really light in terms of texture. I know it's weird, but I wouldn't be opposed to adding them to a salad. 

Kameda Seika Happy Turn Rice Crackers - I took one bite of these and knew they weren't for me. I like salty snacks but holy hell. When I opened one of the bags there was SO MUCH SALT on the sides of the bag!! I couldn't figure out what the exact taste was of these but then Melissa nailed it: they're like Ramen crackers. Not fancy authentic Ramen, but Top Ramen. I guess that explains the salt. 

Okay now this one really had us cracking up... we really didn't know what to expect from the Corn Potage Umaibo. We felt that it looked like foam paint roller or maybe a pool noodle (not helping it any...), and after a super hesitant bite, I knew it was a no from me. The sister on the other hand, took a daring big bite of it and figured it out: it's literally like a stick of creamed corn. No. No. No. No. No.  

Rich Matcha Kit Kat Party Pack - I've heard a lot about the Kit Kat flavors available in Japan, so I was excited to try these match Kit Kats. I've never had matcha before, so I can't speak to whether or not these actually taste like Matcha, but they weren't bad. Melissa felt that they tasted like black tea with cream and sugar. Since I'm avoiding dairy, I won't be eating the rest of them, but they won't go to waste either. 

There's not too much to say about these Wild Strawberry Path Hard Candies, but we both enjoyed them. I personally would have liked them to be a bit smaller but they weren't bad. They had a decent strawberry flavor and reminded me of the candies that they used to throw out at parades when I was little - which I loved. :)  

The Lotte Memory-Enhancing Gum was easily the thing that sort of scared us the most. I have no idea what is in this gum and there were no clues in terms of flavor. Again, an info card would be a great addition to this box. We split a piece out of apprehension and we were both glad we did because this stuff was hella strong in terms of the mint flavor, and had a very bizarre aftertaste. We didn't stick with it long and I'm pretty sure we won't be coming back for more. 

One of the last things we tried was the Premium Pear Fanta. Now, I don't drink pop and haven't in years, but I did take a sip of this - I did it for the blog, people! In terms of pop, it wasn't bad and the flavor was pretty good. My sister will definitely finish it off and we could see this being great for a mixed drink. 

Last but not least, were some ice cream flavored Kit Kats which were included with my box as a gift for being a new subscriber. These were actually surprising in how much they tasted like vanilla ice cream. I mean you get the cone vibes too from the wafer in the Kit Kat. 

Overall, the box was a fun experience. I think in terms of value you definitely get a LOT of stuff. The premium box (the one we sampled), has a TON of snacks inside and each month they include a drink with the snacks which I think is pretty neat. It also shipped fairly quickly, considering it comes directly from Japan. If you're interested in trying out some new and interesting snacks - then this box might be right for you. You can sign up for ToykoTreat here and receive a $5 credit. 

For myself personally, I won't be continuing my subscription - primarily because I've recently eliminated a bunch of different foods/additives from my diet due to some health issues I've been having, so it's a bit of a gamble for me in terms of what I can or cannot eat in each box. I also think that they should really include an info card with ingredients so that people know exactly what they're getting. Other than that and my own personal issues, I do think this is a great box for someone who is a foodie, interested in trying new things, or a lover of Japan. If you've tried TokyoTreat before, I 'd love to know your thoughts in the comments!

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