OGX & L'Oreal: New Drugstore Hair Products (Review)

I'm pretty boring when it comes to hair care. I own a straightener and a curling iron, but to be perfectly honest, I can't remember the last time I used either. I'm a huge product junkie - that's definitely no secret, but when it comes to hair care, I can't really be bothered. I don't like products that make my hair feel greasier (especially when I've just washed it - this honestly drives me crazy), or weighed down, and I'm pretty picky about what I like for my hair.

I have fairly long hair that's on the thicker side, and definitely frizzy. It's wavy when it wants to be, but more straight on my left side for some reason. Drying it takes forever and honestly exhausts me (in warmer months I often let it air dry - which makes it wavier). My scalp is pretty sensitive and I've learned that avoiding sulfates helps the problem massively (I've recently discovered an AMAZING shampoo & conditioner duo, which you'll hear about in my February favorites!), so I'm paying more attention to labels and what goes into a product before trying it. As much as I'm not opposed to higher end hair care, I'm always in search of a good deal so when I saw a few new goodies at the drug store, I picked them up to give them a try.

I picked up two new items from OGX which just released a ton of new products. I mean, there was an overwhelming amount of newness and I was really, really intrigued by a lot of it... but tried my best to keep it simple, so I only picked up two new items: a dry shampoo and a heat protectant.

I also came across these hair sheet masks from L'Oreal. They're in their sulfate-free range which is what really drew me in.

OGX Refresh & Restore Coconut Miracle Oil Dry Shampoo - first off - this dry shampoo. Now, I love the idea of dry shampoo, but really have only found a few over the years that I could even mildly tolerate. Some are so powdery and leave such a white cast that they're just a no-go for my dark hair. Others oddly, leave me feeling like my hair is greasier than it started...sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it? Despite being pretty underwhelmed by dry shampoos in the past, I still sometimes feel the compulsion to try a new one. Well, in this particular instance, I guess I can say that I'm glad that I did.

If you have dark hair, you're gonna wanna try this dry shampoo. White cast? BARELY. I was honestly so impressed by how little white cast this dry shampoo gave off. There's been some that I could have easily used for a little Golden Girls cosplay, but this one is damn near perfection for my dark tresses! It did a really great job of cleaning my hair, and I couldn't stop smelling my hair after using it. It smelled so good!! I have zero complaints for this dry shampoo and will definitely continue using it.

OGX Protecting + Silk Blowout Quick Drying Thermal Spray - I picked this up because of two words: quick drying. I hate drying my hair and am always after something to shorten the time it takes. So those two little words were all it took to get me to buy. I tried this today after washing my hair, and I personally feel that its both a winner and a loser. It smells great and doesn't leave my hair feeling filmy or gross in any way, which some heat protectants or quick dry products have done. I can't really speak to the heat protectant capabilities because it's not exactly a visible feature. I can however, review the quick drying claims, which I would say are a total fail. My hair didn't take any less time to dry, and if anything it actually took longer!!! Will I continue using this as a heat protectant? Definitely. But I'm not holding my breath for a shortened hair drying process.

L'Oreal Ever Pure Intense Repair Hair Sheet Mask - Ironically, I sort of hate sheet masks for the face (I've yet to find one that actually does anything for my skin), but I was drawn to this immediately. Not only because it's sulfate-free, but I like the idea of a hair mask that you use in the shower, that's actually contained. This way I can easily continue my routine without having to try and keep my hair out of the water. I actually have a whole container of hair masks that I have yet to try because I'm pretty lazy about it. The sheet mask style makes it way easier to commit to. I loved the smell of this and I think the packaging is really great - the fact that it tapes closed is a great feature!! I definitely think my hair enjoyed this treatment, and will absolutely be trying one out again. I actually grabbed their deep moisture version as well and I can't wait to see how that works in comparison to this repair mask (it also makes me more intrigued by the popular Briogeo sheet mask!!).

 I'm happy to have found a couple new goodies for my hair - especially a dry shampoo that actually makes me want to use dry shampoo. A great bonus is that all of these products are under $10. I'm always a fan of a frugal find!!

Now that I've tried a few items from the new products that OGX released, I'm curious about the rest! If you've tried any of them, please let me know what your thoughts are and if there's any I need to pick up!

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