Little Coffee Shoppe Eats: Blaze Pizza Review

Today I headed out to run some errands in an area of town that I don't typically find myself in. It's Monday, I've been feeling crampy all day, so I decided to treat myself to lunch while out. Sometimes that's easier said than done since I don't eat dairy. But thankfully there's a bunch of new places that have popped up, one being Blaze Pizza. I quickly looked up their menu online and when I saw that they had vegan cheese I was instantly down.

What a beautiful passenger!

I went for their build your own pizza option which is great as it allows you to add as many toppings as your little heart desires. Perfect!

They make your pizza right in front of you and then it heads to the oven. The whole process is incredibly fast. This is the kind of fast food I'm looking for!

I got their traditional sauce and added vegan cheese, black olives, kalamata olives, red onion, mushrooms, spinach, roasted garlic (!!), and oregano.

They had an awesome topping selection. Plenty of basic options as well as unique ones like the roasted garlic and kalamatas. I also saw pineapple which they definitely get points for. Yes, I am on team pineapple pizza!

Check out that roasted garlic!! What a beautiful thing!!

I got mine to go because I wanted to keep going with my errands, so I did eat in the car, but they had a huge dining area with plenty of seating for small or large parties.

This pie was incredible!!! The dough was thin and crispy which is what I prefer, and the sauce was nicely sweet. I'll give myself a pat on the back for the topping combo - the roasted garlic was INSANE (why have I never thought of using it on a pie before!?!), and loved the strong taste of the kalamata olives paired with the other ingredients. The toppings themselves were nice and fresh, and cut well (no one wants a half a onion in one bite or canned mushrooms!!!). I'm not sure what vegan cheese they use but it was really good. Blaze gives their pies good bones with a nice dough and sauce, and I love the fired pizza taste and texture. They also get huge props for having something for everyone - there's vegan and regular cheeses, gluten free dough options and tons of topics for anyone and every dietary need. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find a good dairy free meal while out so it's nice to have so many choices - and good ones at that!

The build your own pie cost about 9 dollars and change including tax and for it's size, I think it's a pretty decent deal for a midrange cost lunch. I had two slices for my actual lunch and have plenty of leftovers  to enjoy while watching some women's basketball tonight! I love when something is enough for a couple of meals - it makes my frugal heart happy. :)  I don't find myself out in this area all that often, so it's a nice treat for when I do and I will certainly be returning! If you have a Blaze pizza in your area, I strongly suggest you check it out!! 

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