Migraine Buddy App Review

I honestly can't remember a time when I didn't struggle with migraines or headaches. I remember going to one of my doctors years ago and talking about how they were bothering me, and getting such incredibly underwhelming responses: "sleep more"... "it's caffeine withdrawal"... "it's because you're a woman" .... that was probably the last time I went to that doctor. I've tried finding a good primary over the years but I just haven't been able to find someone I really connect with that feels like they're listening to me. My issues finding a doctor is a whole different story, but long story short, when it comes to my migraines and headaches, I've had to do my best on my own. Over the years, I've learned a lot and I've been able to get at least some understanding of how to try and manage my migraines.

According to Migraine.com, an estimated 37 MILLION people suffer from migraines in the United States alone. 18% of women in the United States suffer from migraines as opposed to only 6% of men. So, I guess in some ways that first doctor wasn't wrong.... he just wasn't helpful.

Migraines vary from person to person and it can be difficult, and overwhelming to try and pin point triggers just as much as remedies. Anything from weather, to someone's perfume, to the lights of cars at night can be a trigger. For women, their menstrual cycle can also be the cause of some migraines and headaches. I've tried a lot of different things over the years to try and deal with my migraines and honestly, one of the BIGGEST helps I've come across has been..... an app.

It's crazy to say that an app has helped me with my migraines, and especially as much as it has. The app in question is Migraine Buddy which is a migraine tracking app. What the app does is allow you to track every headache and migraine that you have and to document the possible triggers, where they start, how long they last, associated symptoms, and more. You can document what reliefs you have tried and specify to what degree they helped, if at all. For women, you can track whether you are on your period or not when an attack occurs. You also are able to track your sleep through the app, which I have found incredibly insightful not just in relation to my migraines but just in terms of how I function as a whole. When you have recorded an attack, the app will remind you to record when the event has ended which I find incredibly helpful because I tend to be forgetful.

The app is free but you can pay to upgrade your account and you are able to print out records to take to your doctor, so you can show them documentation of what you've been experience. I love this idea because it gives you something specific to share and I think some doctors do better with that kind of information.

The app gives you averages on the duration and frequency of attacks, the most common triggers, and the most beneficial reliefs. They also tell you the most common locations in which you documented an attack. As someone who majored in sociology, I'm in love with all the data they give you. I know how I feel better than anyone, but seeing things in terms of numbers and specific details is amazing. My brain is often foggy and this gives me the kind of insight that I just couldn't put together on my own.

There is also a section for chatting with your friends who use the app, but I can't really say anything about this function as it's not something I have used. :)

It's easy for me to say that yes, I would absolutely recommend this app to anyone who struggles with not just migraines but headaches as well. It's truly an excellent app and one of my favorite discoveries over the past year or so. I've been using the app since August, 2017 so I can confidently say that the app is really worth checking out. I feel that I've been able to better understand my migraines and headaches in a way I've never been able to do before. I have better insight into what triggers my pain, and also what might possibly help. I really have NO complaints about this app!! Like I said, the app is free so it's harmless to check it out. If you've used it before, I'd love to know your thoughts on it! I'm a huge fan!!

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  1. Thank you Tina for this review!
    I'm Jenny from the Migraine Buddy Team and we are indeed doing everything that we can to make sure the app is useful for our users and help them better manage their migraine condition and communicate it better with their doctors!!
    That is why everytime we receive words of support like yours it encourages us to keep going this way :) !!

    If you ever want to share more insights with us or have any improvement suggestions, please reach out to me at jenny@healint.com