One Day At A Time: Picked Up For A Third Season.

It was announced today that Netflix has picked up One Day At A Time for a third season. The popular sitcom is a remake of the original 1970s Norman Lear production which chronicled the life of a single mother and her children. In the remake, the sitcom follows the life of a Cuban American family headed by a single mother, through all their ups and downs.

The show is both classic and refreshing. It has all the comforting characteristics we have come to expect from a traditional situational comedy, but it offers something else too: reality. Watching the first two seasons can feel like comic relief, but also, a million life lessons. No matter how "woke" you might think you are, ODAAT challenges you to think and push your mind. The show tackles issues that are hard to talk about like mental illness, and does so with comedy and grace. It touches on LGBTQ issues, Veterans Affairs, and Immigration. I'm not going to get into too much because really, I think everyone should watch this show. There's honestly something for us all to learn from it. Oh, and you'll also likely be laughing out loud. I know I did - and I probably sounded crazy to the rest of my family as I sat in my room cackling to myself. #noshame

The renewal of One Day At A Time was up in the air for awhile, but fans continued to put pressure on Netflix to renew the popular sitcom. The news broke this Monday and for the writers and actors of this show, it's honestly so well deserved. While the show is indeed a remake, it is also entirely new and refreshing. They are doing something on ODAAT that feels rare now. I watch a lot of television, and there is a special place in my heart for sitcoms, but none really compare to One Day At A Time. They have given us a family that feels believable and real - balanced with humor and honesty. It's not always so easy to get that formula right. There are plenty of funny family centered sitcoms, but many feel cheesy (not exactly a bad thing), or they lean more serious than funny. Some are well balanced, but the family doesn't feel believable (at least one Monday night program comes to mind here, but I won't name names...). ODAAT however, gets the formula just right. It's art in sitcom form.

If you haven't watched the series at all, I'm not sure what you're waiting for. GO WATCH THIS SHOW!! ODAAT is an incredibly underrated gem. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better suited for network television versus it's current residence on the streaming platform Netflix, where I feel it sort of gets lost in the shuffle and is under-promoted. I know that shows have gone from TV to streaming before, but I'm not sure it's ever been done the other way? Either way - no matter where it lives, it's a true diamond in the rough. Dale, One Day At A Time, Dale!

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