Sunday Seven: April 8th 2018

The semester is over and I feel like I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy school, but this semester has just felt particularly exhausting. I've always sort of struggled during the "spring" semesters - this time of year in general sort of gets me down, so perhaps that's part of it. I'm sure I'm not alone? This week has been a lot of tackling things I've had on the back burner due to school - like cleaning and pleasure reading, so I feel like the Sunday Seven this week is extra nerdy (not a bad thing, just a thing).

1. This article about Africa splitting into two fascinates me. I read it when I couldn't sleep one night and despite it being 3 in the morning, I was actually able to comprehend a decent amount of what it discusses. Points for my insomniac brain!

2. Reading this Reddit post about how Instinct is potentially plagiarizing Bones. I'm not sure what to make of the details of the whole thing, but I will say that the video that I watched comparing last week's episode of Instinct and an episode of Bones (a show I'm not familiar with) really makes it hard to argue that at very least, they're recycling work the writer previously did. Hopefully the video is still up by the time this post goes live - it keeps getting taken down by CBS. Go figure - it certainly doesn't help them with the show they've been promoting like crazy (while they leave other shows in the dust.... Oh, Elementary, I miss you!!). You can likely find a re-uploaded version through the Reddit thread though if this interests you at all.

3. I learned that I sort of dislike read-a-thons. Over the weekend there was a #25in5 read-a-thon which had the goal of reading for 25 hours over the course of five days. Given that the semester had come to an end, I figure this would be the perfect way to get back into the swing of things with reading that wasn't school related. I like the idea of these reading challenges (which typically start on Instagram), because they feel like they foster a sense of community by bringing people together with a collective goal. However, I've learned an important reminder through trying to participate in this challenge. I don't like competitive reading. I'm easy to fall for it, but I don't like it at all. It stresses me out - taking the fun and enjoyment out of reading. I worry that I don't read quickly enough and that I won't get through as much reading as others. I worry that others will judge my reading speed/efficiency and my book choices. I love reading and this challenge was a reminder that I just don't enjoy the way competitive reading makes me feel. I like certain aspects of the bookstagram community, but others make me too hard on myself. Reading is a self-care action for me and that means it needs to happen naturally. Wanting to read a lot is different than trying to rush through things to fit in with others, so I'm going to try to be better about reading the way I want to, not the way everyone else is.

4. Mocha Cold Brew from Chameleon Coffee. OMG you guys, this stuff is dangerously yummy. For the past few months, I've been drinking cold brew coffee nearly exclusively and it's always been Chameleon (I tried the Trader Joe's cold brew concentrate but it was no bueno IMO). I used to have a lot of GI issues from coffee but thanks to Cold Brew, that is all in the past. I love how easy it is to make a delicious cup of coffee every morning and while you can make it hot, I much prefer it iced. It was on sale this week at Target so I finally picked up the Mocha, and now think I've tried all of their flavors (except for the caramel, which now that I looked it up and realized its dairy free, I'll have to try it next time). I typically stick to the regular black but damn, this mocha is really really delicious!!! It honestly gives me vague Tim Hortons Ice Cap vibes when I mix it with my Silk Soy creamer!! I don't do dairy anymore so I haven't had Timmy Ho's in months and that might be the thing I miss the most!! The mocha has enough of a chocolaty hint without tasting like straight up chocolate milk - it's really well balanced. So much so that I broke my rule of one cup of coffee a day to have a second because its just that good!

5. It's Judy's Life - due to school, watching YouTube had mostly be placed on the back burner for me. This week I've been slowly making my way through my queue of subscriptions and I've really been enjoying Benji and Judy's Tokyo vlogs. I more or less enjoy all of their vlogs because they feel more down to earth than some on the platform. But these vlogs in particular I enjoy because I feel like when they travel, they often immerse themselves into where they are and the culture, more so than some. It's been interesting to watch them and their experience in Toyko. In one of the vlogs, Benji was talking about one of the reasons people might wear face masks in Japan and he said it was part due to the mass planting of non-indigenous trees and it honestly felt half believable and half far-fetched so I looked it up and it's actually a pretty fascinating story. You learn something new every day!

6. While winter just doesn't seem to want to leave, I'm still feeling inspired by the prospect of spring. For some reason, spring often makes me feel the desire to change things up. I love cleaning this time of year - I'm talking going through EVERYTHING and getting rid of things that don't serve you. I find it so therapeutic. I've been thinking of ways to revamp by bedroom as well and I'm really loving the inspiration one can find through Pinterest. This particular bedroom just speaks to me - it's in need of more books and some plants though!!

7. Speaking of spring, I've been trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to plant this year in the veggie garden. I feel torn between wanting to keep it simple, and wanting to switch it up a bit and plant some new and perhaps unusual things. If you have a veggie garden, what do you grow? I live in WNY so our growing season is pretty damn short, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost! I'm so excited for the weather to finally get to a point where I can actually get outside and play in the gardens. I picked up a bunch of gladiolus bulbs yesterday because I just couldn't resist. I've picked up some seeds too but I'm not sure that's all I want to plant. Decisions....decisions...

I hope everyone had a great week! x

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